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  1. How to perform back dated sale?
  2. In Role configuration, enable option “Allow Edit Date Accounting”. In the Sales Screen, you will get a text-box for entering the date. This will display the current date by default. Click on the text field to select the past date from the calendar.

  3. Showing 'invalid credit' in sale while performing credit sale in POS screen?
  4. This is because, no credit has been set for the customer. From Administration - Customer - Click on Edit. Under the Credit Details:

    1. Change the Credit Status to - Credit OK.
    2. Set the Credit Limit, for example : Rs 50,000.
    3. Choose a Payment Term from the drop down.
  5. On clicking prepare button with promotion sale,error appears. What to do?
  6. Changed the business partner group of vendor and customer as same.

  7. How to exchange goods ?
  8. We need to enable "Allow Negative Quantity in Sales" feature from Administration - Client configuration. To exchange goods from the Sales screen:

    1. Add the product to be returned in the cart.
    2. Adjust quantities with a minus sign, for example as -2.
    3. Enter the new product that the customer wants and checkout.

    If there is a discrepancy in the amount, you will be prompted to either refund the customer or take additional payment.

  9. One of my employee made some sales in wrong terminal, how to revert these sales in correct terminal?
    1. Note the invoice number,total quantity and total amount of the sale which was made in the wrong terminal.
    2. From Sales History, click on Edit order and void the sales order.
    3. Log in to the terminal in which sale need to be done.
    4. Now you can create the sales order. Do not forget to mention the date of accounting if these sales were done on a past date.
  10. I want to see the sales which is done by a particular terminal.
    1. Go to Sales menu.
    2. Select Sales History.
    3. Click on Screen Preference on the right hand side.
    4. Search for the user whom you wish to set a terminal.
    5. Select the terminal name from the drop down in search fields.
    6. Select the check -box to disable the terminal drop down box.
    7. Click on to save the search.

    When the user logs in and opens the sales history page, you can see the selected terminal displayed in the search criteria.

  11. The clients wants to see credit sale report which was early done.
  12. From the Sales History page, in the search criteria we get the Payment mode drop down, select Credit.

  13. A sale with discount on total sales, is saved. When invoking the order the discount on total amount is missing.
  14. 'Save Order' will not preserve the discount applied to the order if the discount was created as payment discount, which is decided based on client configuration 'CREATE_DISCOUNT_AS_PAYMENT'.

    So, invoke order will show discount applied earlier on total, only if either of following is true.

    Order is non-credit && client config 'CREATE_DISCOUNT_AS_PAYMENT' is false. OR Order is credit && ALLOW_TO_CREATE_WRITEOFF_PAYMENT is false.