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Accounts Receivables

Track Unpaid Invoices

Posibolt reports all the unpaid invoices by your customers. Posibolt makes it easy and quick to monitor your accounts receivables.

  • Navigate to Credit Sale Management , click on Credit Management. Search for a customer.
  • On the right-hand side, you can view the business partner information.
  • Click on Show Invoice wise Details will open the page with open items, which are the unpaid invoices.
  • Show Ledger will display the ledger report of the customer.
  • Show Allocated Invoice check – box will display all the invoices for which payments are done.
  • The available payment modes in the pay back are displayed here.

Show Invoice-wise Details

This is the invoice-wise Details of a customer. Under Open invoices you can see a column Pay with check-box.


On right hand side,you can view the business partner info;


Once, you select an unpaid invoice, you can choose to:

Receive a payment,

Save a payment and complete it later on, provided the role has the privileges to do so.

Receive Payment

Receive Payment v/s Invoice

  • Select the check-boxes against the invoices which you wish receive a payment.
  • You will get a Pay amount text box and discount text box .
  • Enter the amount being paid.
  • If fully paid, then this invoice will be removed from the open list.
  • The column Paid Amount, displays the partially paid amount of invoices.
  • Select the payment type tendered by your customer on the right hand side.
  • Enter the same amount under the payment and discount text field.
  • Click on Pay.

Receive Payment Directly

Receiving Payment is very simple; you just need to enter your customer name and the amount you are receiving. This option is particularly useful when one of your customers is settling several invoices at the same time. The amounts received will added up as Over Payments. This will speed up the process and will allow you to allocate the amounts received against the right invoices at a later point in time.

Based on your store policies, you can configure Posibolt to allow auto allocate.

Go to Client Configuration.

Under Miscellaneous, you can find “Allow Auto Allocate Over Payment”.

When this option is enabled and when you receive a payment from a customer, it will automatically allocate to oldest open items.

Complete A Drafted Payment

You can save a particular invoice and then complete it later, provided that the role has the privilege to do so.

Go to Administration → Roles.

Select the Role and click on Set Role Configuration.

Enable Allow Draft Document, so that the user can save an order and complete it later.

Users can be given the privilege to complete a drafted Payment in three steps : Prepare, Approve and Complete.


Post Dated Cheque

PDC Report

This reports lists all the post dated cheques (PDC) issued. A post dated check is a check on which the issuer has stated a date later than the current date.

To issue a PDC

  • Choose the payment type.
  • Enter the payment amount.
  • Choose a future date from the cheque date field.
  • Click on Pay.

The PDC Report will list as:


The list displays the post dated cheques presented by the customer. A drafted paymnet for the same is created.

Now we need to process the check from the Accounting -> PDC Report menu.

  • By default the report generates all the cheques that are due for the current date.
  • If you wish to check the cheque due for any particular date, then
  • Under Search By filter make it as Due Date (this will be the default value)
  • From the UpTo text box choose the date (by default current date will be displayed )
  • All the cheques due for that day will be listed.
  • Click on the button with " tick " image. This will process the cheque.

After you have processed the check, you can come back to Credit Management and then complete the drafted order. After this the payment will be allocated.

User Manual

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