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An Observership occurs in medical school. During Observership, students observe and participate in clinical activities with the objective of both understanding and gaining practical experience working within it. Such programs also encourage strong relationships between the two institutions involved in the Observership as well as between the students of each educational institution. In POSibolt , it is easy to create obsevership types and details of employees or students who is participating in such observerships conducted by organization.

Observership Types

For creating observership types, In POSibolt, Navigate to HR management--->Observership Types.

You got a screen for searching existing types and also for creating a new one.

When you click on SEARCH button, it directed to a screen which list out all the existing observership type in all organization. Either you can search by selecting particular organization or by name. If you want make any changes, you can edit them using EDIT button.

If you want to create a new observership type,

click on CREATE NEW, a screen for entering the details will be appeared.

Observership type create new.png
Observership type create new.png
Organization : If any specific organization is selected then this observership type will be visible to only that organization. If you wish to list the types in all organizations then you must choose *.
Name : Enter the name of the observership type.
  • Click on Save. It will be added to the list.

Observership Details

In POSibolt,When you navigate to HR management --->Observership details , you will be directed to a screen, where you can search for existing details of persons who is doing observership. Also you can create a new one from this screen.

When you click on SEARCH , it list out all the observership details in all organizations with all status.You can also Search by particular department, status or observership dates .

You can also edit the details from here using EDIT button, if you want to make any changes .

To Create a New , Click on CREATE NEW , a new screen for enter the details will be appeared.

Obsevershipdetails create new.png
Obsevershipdetails create new.png

Enter the details here.

Click on Save button.

  • Observership Types created in Observership Type Screen will be shown in the dropdown menu of observership type in this screen.
  • Select the Observership status from the dropdown menu which is mandatory.

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