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Welcome To POSibolt !!

In a small company, a manager can coordinate the different departments easily, as the information needed for this is minimal and analysis and judgement is easy. But when the company starts to grow, the size and number of departments increase and the complexity of information explodes. The coordination, management and planning becomes really hard and expensive. At some point of time a crisis of control is inevitable.

Increasingly, fast and accurate information is becoming a daily pre-requisite for most trading businesses. Today retailers face a number of challenges, often taking away precious management time from the primary business of buying and selling in a cost effective way. This is where ERP and specifically POSibolt comes to help!!

What Is ERP? What Is Posibolt?

It is Enterprise Resource Planning, which itself means planning the resources in an enterprise (business). So, this abbreviation simply means, that this is a way of using the resources in a company more effectively. Notice, that this is not some kind of software, this is an ideology.

POSibolt is such an ERP system built using many years of experience in solving problems of retail and wholesale traders and architected by technology leaders.

Mission And Vision

POSibolt's goal is to build a custom web-based POS application by leveraging cloud technology together with ERP and business intelligence features. The result is a powerful, user friendly POS software that is capable of managing the entire retail operations, from one store to many stores; and a back end ERP that can handle procurement planning, purchase, shipment, receiving (in short all aspects of supply chain management), inventory control, variety of reports on sales, profits, margins, discounts, returns, ROI, slow and fast moving items etc. In addition common modules like HR, Payroll, Asset Management are also available in POSibolt.

POSibolt’s mission is to help retailers simplify, manage, and control their stores using real-time information in a centralized location, while making the POS remotely accessible and error-free. This is done by recording the details of every transaction that occurs and by making this data available in the cloud, whenever it is needed. Users experience an easy to use interface, making operations more efficient and error free.

We combine in-depth retail experience and software development expertise to help retailers:

  • Streamline everyday operations and workflows in a multi-store environment.
  • Maintain control over their business from anywhere and at any time.
  • Respond quickly and adequately in real time as situations unfold.