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Versions : 7.2 / Current 7.6

Loyalty Maintenance

Loyalty Maintenance module is where you can manage to give value or rewards in the form of loyalty points to your valuable customers on the basis of their purchase and the rules defined in the system. When the minimum points threshold defined in the system has been reached, customers can enjoy discounts by redeeming their loyalty points.

In Posibolt for creating loyalty programs and rewards, navigate to Administration → Loyalty Maintenance.


This page allows you to view and manage all existing loyalty rules from a single location.

Create a Loyalty Program And Rule

Program and Rules contains the conditions that must be fulfilled by the customer to earn points, redeem points as cashback or products.

To create a new loyalty program, click on + button. You can configure any rule by setting these values.

Program Name Name for the loyalty program
Value You need to enter the value based on the calculation mode.
Points Number of points earned for the value entered.
Minimum Value Minimum value required to earn the loyalty points.
Calculation Mode
  • Amount
  • Count
  • Quantity
You have three types of calculation mode available
  • You can calculate the loyalty points for the amount spend by the customer.
  • You can calculate the loyalty points for the number of invoices made by the customer.
  • By choosing Quantity, the loyalty points will be calculated for the number of quantities of a product in the purchase.
Product You can calculate loyalty points for specific product
Product Category You can calculate loyalty points for specific product category by choosing category from drop down.
Expiry Days Number of days this program is valid
Charge Value for the points earned will be stored in the selected charge account.
Active Select the check-box to make this program Active.

Let us create a Program with these values in the figure.

Program 12.png
Program 12.png
  1. Enter the name of the program as - LP programme.
  2. Select the calculation mode as Amount.
  3. Now enter the value as 100. This means for every for every Rs 100 spend points are earned.
  4. Enter the points as 10. That is 10 points are earned for Rs 100 spend.
  5. Set a Minimum value, Rs 100 to be purchased to earn points.
  6. After setting up the values click on Save.

Your new rule is now created and rewards can be added by clicking on Add icon + under Rewards.


  • Click on Rewards from Loyalty maintenance screen.
  • Click on Search to display the existing rewards. Also search the rewards under specific loyalty program by choosing loyalty program from drop down.
  • If you wish to make any changes, click on Edit button.
  • For creating a new reward , click on + button. You get a new screen for entering the details.
Name Enter the name of the Reward.
Loyalty Program Choose loyalty program from drop down for which this reward want to be calculated
Reward Type
  1. Fixed value
  2. Discount Percentage
  3. Cash Back
  4. Product Free
  5. Category Free
Choose reward type from drop down. You have five types of reward types
  1. By selecting fixed value,In the amount field you need to enter the amount to be given back to the customer who earn this reward .
  2. If discount percentage is selected as reward type, in the percentage field you need to enter the percentage which is discounted to customer.
  3. If cash back is selected,amount given as cash back will be entered in the cash back field. For this type,customer can choose the amount and corresponding points will be redeemed .
  4. By selecting Product free, in the product field you need to enter the existing product which is given as reward for customer.
  5. For category free, you need to enter the category name in the corresponding field, then any product in the given category will be given as reward for the customer.
Min. Points Required Minimum points required to earn this reward
Min Invoice Amount Minimum Invoice amount required to redeem the reward.
Points Redeemed Points redeemed for this reward
Redemption Code Code given for this reward type
Standard Precision Defines the number of decimal places that amounts will be rounded to
Rounding Mode Select the rounding mode from the drop down to round to a one digit decimal value.
Valid From The date from when this reward plan is active.
Valid Till The date when this reward plan expires.
Charge Value for the earned points will be stored in the selected charge account.
Active If checked, this reward type will be active for customers.
  • Save the reward using SAVE button.

How Loyalty Set For Customers

  • If a customer is eligible for loyalty program, you need to select and save the loyalty program from customer creation screen for the customer.
Loyal customer1.png
Loyal customer1.png
  • Loyalty points are earned by the customers based on the sales they have done.

How Customer Can Earn Rewards

  • Go to Sales screen.
  • Choose the customer.
  • Initially the customer will not have any loyalty points.
  • Add product to the cart. Adjust the quantities and complete the order.
  • Make sure that invoice is generated and payment is complete for the order.
  • Earned points are updated to the customer when an order has invoice generated and payment complete.

To view the loyalty points from the sales screen, choose the customer. In the details displayed you can view the loyalty number and loyalty points.


Now let us redeem the loyalty points earned. From the sales screen,

  1. Search the customer.
  2. Add products to the cart.
  3. Click on payment mode and choose the mode as loyalty .
  4. You get a pop up with reward type and loyalty points.
  5. Click on tick mark to redeem the points.
Loyal pop.png
Loyal pop.png

When the points are redeemed a table with loyalty cash back and balance amount for payment will be shown in the left hand side of the sales screen.

  • Click on Check out.
  • You can see the total amount and payment amount in the pop up screen.
  • Enter the balance amount and click on tick mark.

Import Reward Points

When using Posibolt you have the option of adding reward points to individual customer records via a CSV file import. To import reward points for customers:

  1. Using the right hand navigation menu, go to Administration.
  2. Click on the Import / Export.
  3. On the right hand side of the page, you will see a drop down of types to import.

  4. Select Customer Loyalty Points from the drop down.
  5. Then click on the Template File link to download an example of the CSV file for import.

When you open up the sample file in your spreadsheet program, it will contain the following column headers that can be used to populate the list.

Customer Code Customer code is the unique database number assigned to each specific customer record.
Points Number of points earned by the customer.
Description Any description for the record.

After populating the CSV file with your list reward points, save the file as a CSV and proceed with the following steps to import it:

  1. Using the right hand navigation menu, go to Administration.
  2. Click on the Import / Export.
  3. Select Customer Loyalty Points from the drop down.
  4. Click on Import button.
  5. Use the browse button to locate the newly created CSV file on your computer.
  6. Click on OK.

Your Reward Points will now be present in the store.

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