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This document is a guide for installing Posibolt in Windows and Linux systems.

System Requirements

The prerequisites for installing Posibolt POS are as follows:

Requirements Posibolt 6.9 Version Posibolt 7 Version


  • 2GB System Memory
  • Quad Core Processor with 3GHz Frequency
  • Operating System Required : Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris
  • 2GB System Memory
  • Quad Core Processor with 3GHz Frequency
  • Operating System Required : Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris


  • 4GB System Memory
  • Quad Core Processor with 3GHz Frequency or more
  • Operating System Required : Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris
  • 6GB System Memory
  • Quad Core Processor with 3GHz Frequency or more
  • Operating System Required : Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris


Windows Firewall

  • Open Windows Firewall by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type firewall, and then click Windows Firewall.
  • In the left panel, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off.  If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • Click Turn On Windows Firewall.
  • Click on the Start button and then click Run .Type services.msc and then press the "Enter" button.
  • Scroll down in the services list until you find Windows Firewall.
  • Right-click on Windows Firewall and then click Restart. The service will restart itself automatically.

Install Posibolt Server

  • If anti virus software is blocking the installation, whitelist the installer file. If this is not possible then stop the anti virus until the installation is complete.
  • Right click Posibolt server_one click_installer_win32.exe and click on Run as administrator to begin the installation.
  • Please wait while Install shield wizard installs POSibolt Point-of-Sale. This may take several minutes.
  • To continue, click OK.
  • At last Allow Access if the installation requested for a firewall access.
  • The install shield wizard has successfully installed POSibolt Point-of-Sale, click OK to exit the wizard.
  • From your windows task-bar, right click Task-bar and click on Task Manager.
  • In the Task Manager window, click Services.
  • From the Services list, select Posibolt server → right click Posibolt server and click on Open Services.
  • In the Services window, select Posibolt server → Doubleclick Posibolt server.
  • In the Posibolt server Properties window, choose the start up type as Automatic → click Start → click Apply → click OK.
  • Double click Posibolt icon on the desktop and start POSibolt POS


To install POSibolt on Linux you will require the following packages:

  • Jdk 1.6 [jdk-6u45-linux.bin]
  • postgreSQL 9.3 [postgresql-9.3.5-1-linux.bin]
  • Adempiere_360LTS.tar.gz

jdk Installation

Note: Check your system processor is 32 bit (Linux i686) or 64 bit (Linux x86_64) by the command 'uname -a'. Then you can install either 32-bit or the 64-bit version of the Java platform.

  1. Copy jdk6uXX.bin to any home directory
    • $cp jdk6uXX.bin /home/user/files
  2. Installing jdk6uXX.bin
    • $ ./jdk6uXX.bin

postgreSQL Installation

You have to be root to Install postgreSQL.

  • open terminal and run postgresql_9.3_latest.bin.



  1. It will ask for, where to install , the default location is /opt/PostgreSQL/
    • & port :5432
  2. It will ask for postgres superuser password . set a secure password.
    • After installation , we have to include the binaries in the PATH.
  3. Enable postgresql password-less authentication by editing the file[Postgresql/9.3/data/pg_hba.conf] and change md5 to trust.
  4. Edit P ostgresql/9.3/data/postgresql.conf and change bytea_output value to escape.
  • Set Path for Java and Postgres.

Add the following commands in /etc/profile file and restart the system.

  • export PATH=/opt/jdk1.6.0_45/bin:/opt/PostgreSQL/9.3/bin:$PATH
  • export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.6.0_45

Posibolt Installation

  • Login as a normal user , extract Adempiere_360LTS.tar.gz

$tar -vzxf Adempiere_360LTS.tar.gz

  • Give execute permissions to all sh files in Adempiere/ and Adempiere/utils/

$chmod +x Adempiere/*.sh Adempiere/utils/*.sh


✔ Need to create database and restore dump file to it before we configure Adempiere.

✔ Create a database user called adempiere in PostgreSQL and create the database named posiboltdb by entering the following on the command line:

$createuser –s –U postgres adempiere

$createdb –U adempiere –E UTF8 –T template0 posiboltdb

$pg_restore –U adempiere –d posiboltdb dumpfile.cdmp.

Now we are getting to the actual Adempiere installation.

  • Go to the folder Adempiere
  • And run the command ./

The default ports for posibolt software are same as in the picture.


  • Application Server is the hostname or IP of the system.
  • We need to enter the database details in the appropriate boxes.
  • Click on Test and when it shows OK, then save the configuration. Wait for a few minutes and the click on Save.

Note: Note the messages in the terminal . if it shows “build successfully” we have done it successfully.

Now we can start the Adempiere server

$cd Adempiere/utils/

$nohup ./ &

Note: To see what goes on back ground we can view the nohup.out using tailf.

$tailf nohup.out

Now we can access the posibolt through browser.

Client Creation

A client is a person who has opted for the POSibolt and is actually using the system in his/her organization. The first thing to be done before using the system is to create a client.

Creating a client

You will be provided a link of the server, in which you will be setting up an instance of Posibolt. The link format is as

At the top of the browser enter the link and press Enter key. You will get the following form to fill up

  • Enter the client details
    1. Domain - Name of the domain, like name
    2. Client - Name of the Client. The client name will be displayed in the tab of your browser.
    3. Organization - Mention the name of your Organization or shop
    4. Currency - Choose the currency from the drop down.
    5. Create a user which is an administrator where you will be prompted to enter a username, password and PIN.
      • User - Name of the User
      • Role - Mention the Role of the user. For example Admin
      • Password - Enter a password for the user.
      • Pin - Enter a User Pin.
    6. Accounting - Choose the accounting from drop down.
    7. First & Last name - Name of the person
    8. Address - Enter the Address, ZIP and City
    9. Country - Choose the Country from the drop down.
    10. Telephone - Enter the Telephone and email details.
    11. Enter POS Key - Posibolt will provide the License Key of Posibolt
  • Please make sure that all fields are filled. Leaving any fields blank will not complete the process.
  • Click on Continue. This process may take around 2 mins to complete.
  • You will be then directed to the welcome screen of Posibolt.


Having entered the system through the client created, users have two ways to log into the system.

  • Firstly enter your 'Username and Password and click on login.
  • Alternatively you can login by entering your PIN and click OK.

Choose a Terminal

The first time you login to POSibolt you are prompted to select a terminal on which you can work with. In Posibolt, Terminal is a powerful and convenient concept. The Terminal holds all the details together – from the price list you are using to the default warehouse information.

In a POS system you have several terminals and a user needs to log in to a particular terminal.

  • Type in the name, Terminal 1.
  • Press the Enter Key.

On the right hand side, you can view the following Terminal Information.

  • Name of the Terminal
  • Name of the Organization mentioned while creating the client
  • Name of the client
  • A default cash customer named Standard Customer is created.
  • Purchase Price List with Organization name
  • Sales Price List with Organization name
  • Organization Terminal Cash Book
  • A warehouse for the Organization
  • Card Bank A/C with a dummy account value 123456789
  • Cheque Bank A/C with a dummy account 123456789

After initial login, your browser cache will remember the terminal selected and will direct you to Terminal 1, for your every login. Once the cache is reset, you will have to choose the terminal again.

You will be now directed to POSibolt Order Screen.

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