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Login Screen

  1. I forgot my Username, Password or PIN. How do I obtain it?
  2. Contact the concerned department or the person to change the current Password or the PIN.

  3. How to proceed when Posibolt is asking for the Terminal name while login?
  4. The first time you log in or when the Terminal is not set in the browser cache, then Posibolt will prompt you to select a Terminal on which you can work with. Enter the Terminal name and press Tab Key. You can see the details of the Terminal on the RHS. If nothing comes on RHS, check your Terminal name. To assign the Terminal name permanently, Go to Administration-> Users then set Terminal to the user

    Terminal new.png
    Terminal new.png
  5. How to access Posibolt from my new laptop?
  6. For accessing Posibolt on your laptop enter the URL on the browser. Like Cloud server URL: demo.posibolt.com/d/demo This URL will help you to access Posibolt from the cloud server. Local Area Network or On-Premise server URL: This URL will help you to access Posibolt inside the local network.Here is the IP address of the LAN server.

    Local Host Server URL: localhost:8088/d/demo URL: This URL will help you to access the Posibolt from the localhost server. Here is the IP address of the localhost

  7. When the user tries to login to Posibolt, he gets the "Terminal Cannot be Loaded" error. How to overcome this?
  8. It is observed that the issue was browser-related. Reinstalling the browser will solve the issue. Posibolt recommends Firefox browsers to overcome these types of errors.

  9. How to extend session duration in Posibolt [log in time]?
  10. Session duration is defined as the time frame during which there are regular active interactions occurring from a user. If there is no interaction between user and Posibolt, time out will occur automatically. Period for the time out can be set, Go to Administration -> Client Configuration, under Miscellaneous there is Session Duration, choose suitable time period from the drop down list.

    Session duration.png
    Session duration.png


  1. How to create sales invoices for different invoice type?
  2. Posibolt helps you to identify or filter the sales invoices like Home delivery, for an employee in an Organization, delivery through Third-party. During Sales select the corresponding value from the Sales type. To retrieve the Sales reports based on Sales type, in Sales history use invoice type as a filter to get the desired values. For adding invoice type features in Sales, we need to enable the option, Administration->Organization-> “Allow Choose Invoice Type from Sales/PO Screen”.

    Invoice type.png
    Invoice type.png

  3. How to overcome the following error "No products delivered in this order Or all products in this order are already returned" while doing an exchange in sales?
  4. The user is doing exchange sales before the delivery or shipment of the product. Here sale invoice was created with a delayed delivery option, but delivery is not done yet. Usually, after each sale, the sales quantity will reduce from stock. When delay delivery is enabled, delivery can be done in two methods

    1. If the Customer pickup option is selected then the stock will reduce on that time of invoice itself.

    2. If customer pickup is not selected then we need to do the shipment manually. For that go to Stock -> Customer Shipment and do the delivery then the stock will reduce. Here, after-Sales, the user tried to do the Exchange before delivery. So, to overcome the above error, do the delivery from Customer Shipment and do the exchange from the sales screen.

    Enabling Delay Delivery and Exchange.

    For Delay Delivery go to Administration → Role → Role Configuration Select “Allow delay delivery”.

    Delivery details.png
    Delivery details.png
    Ddelivery config.png
    Ddelivery config.png
  5. How to add new columns or remove the column from the Sales cart?
  6. It helps the user to keep needful columns in the cart. If the user wants to remove certain columns from the cart or add columns in the cart, Posibolt has the option to do that from screen preference. This helps the user to keep the cart in a useful fashion. Click Screen Preference from the Sales menu on RHS. Select or deselect the columns. Click Save & Close. Reopen the Sales screen.

    Screen pref.png
    Screen pref.png
  7. How to do Sales for a Non-Existing Product? Or How to configure to sell the product which is not on the product list?
  8. Suppose a non-existing product may get for sales, at that time Posibolt informs that the selected product is not in the product master and allows the user to create the product from the sales screen itself. Scan the non-existing product, popup will rise for creating the product. After creating the product, add it to the cart again. For enabling this option, Administration→ Client configuration→ Select the option "Allow selling non-existing products.

    Non exist product.png
    Non exist product.png
    Config non exist.png
    Config non exist.png
  9. How to create Customers during Sales without going to Customer master?
  10. During sales, for creating new customers, Instead of going to the Customer master screen we can create from the sales screen itself. Find create customer button on the RHS of the sales screen. To enable this option go to Administration→ Role configuration→ “Allow Customer creation in sales“.

    Customer from sales.png
    Customer from sales.png
    Config customer creation.png
    Config customer creation.png
  11. How to rectify if I selected the wrong Payment mode Or How to edit an invoice?
  12. When a user makes any mistakes in selecting payment mode during sales or if the customer wants to change any details in the invoice, Posibolt allows editing the invoice.

    Go to the Sales History report, retrieve the respective invoice using different filters, Edit the invoice and do the Check out again. Suppose the Edit option is not available in the Sales History screen, Enable the Edit Document option from the Role Configuration. Administration->Role->Role Configuration->Allow Edit document. Even after enabling the edit option, if you aren't able to edit the invoice, then log in to the Terminal on which the invoice is created. Edit will be available only if you log in to the same terminal of the sales. After editing while checking out, the invoice number and order number will change. To keep the same invoice number and order number type in the same invoice and order number on the respective column.

    If the wrong Payment mode is selected then instead of editing the sales invoice, you can enter a cash/bank transfer. Cash/bank transfer entry has to be made before closing the till.

    Sales history 1.png
    Sales history 1.png
  13. How to Reprint the receipt?
  14. Posibolt allows taking the invoice reprint in two options.

    1. Just after the checkout, you can find the reprint button on the sales preview screen.

    2. For previously dated invoices, Go to the Sales History report retrieves the respective invoice using different filters. The Reprint option is available for each row in the Sales History report. To enable the Reprint in the sales preview screen Administration→ Client Configuration→ shows the Re-prints option in sales.

  15. How to allocate purchases or sales invoices automatically if the vendor or customer pays in advance?
  16. We used to take advance payment from the customer Or we pay to the vendor in advance. Later we want to auto allocate the advance payment to sales or purchase invoices. In Posibolt we need to set the permission for auto allocation.

    Administration->Client Configuration-> "Auto Allocate Overpayment" When vendor or customer pays any advance payment that will allocate to the open purchase invoices or sale invoices.

    Auto allocate.png
    Auto allocate.png
  17. How to do a back date sales entry in Posibolt?
  18. By default, Posibolt blocks back-dated entries in sales. To enable this option, Administration -> Role -> Role configuration -> enables “Allow Edit Date Accounting”. After enabling this option, the open sales order selects the previous date on date accounting and does the sales.

  19. How to make advance payment for Sales?
  20. Posibolt allows receiving the advance amount from the customer. Later the sale invoice can be allocated to the advance amount. From credit management, Select the customer and do the payment, at that time the system will ask “There is no invoice selected to allocate the payment(s) entered. Do you want to continue?” Click yes. These advance payments will come under the 'Previous Payments' column in the credit management screen. After creating the credit invoices, we can see the invoices on the open invoices heading as shown in the picture. Select the invoices and select the advance payment entries needed to allocate and click on allocate.

    Credit management.png
    Credit management.png
  21. How to show the cost of the product on the sales screen?
  22. Posibolt allows seeing the cost details of the selected item from the sales screen itself, instead of going to the product screen. You can find the view cost button on the bottom line of the sales screen or it will be inside the ‘more’ button. To enable the option to see the cost of the product. Go to, Administration->Role->Role configuration-> Can view cost price.

    Cost and profit.png
    Cost and profit.png

    Can view cost.png
    Can view cost.png
  23. How to show the purchase details of the product on the sales screen?
  24. Posibolt allows seeing the purchase details of the selected item from the Sales screen itself, instead of going to the Purchase report. You can find the ‘Purchase History’ button on the bottom line of the sales screen or it will be inside the ‘more’ button. To configure the view cost. Go to, Administration->Role->Role configuration->Display purchase price

    Purchase history.png
    Purchase history.png
    Display purchase price.png
    Display purchase price.png
  25. How to configure to see customer history for a selected customer from the sales screen?
  26. Posibolt allows seeing the previous order details of the selected customer from the sales screen itself, instead of going to the sales history report. You can find the ‘Customer History’ button (“H") on the RHS of the customer column.

    Customer history.png
    Customer history.png
  27. How to repeat the previous order for Sales for a selected Customer?
  28. Copy order is a convenient way to repeat the previous sales. From sales or purchase or sales & purchase returns, we can import the products and create the Sales order. In the copy order, the pop-up has the option to copy price or not. You can find the ‘Copy Order’ button on the bottom line of the sales screen or it will be inside the ‘more’ button.

    Repeat order.png
    Repeat order.png
  29. How to select the Sales rep from the Sales screen?
  30. Posibolt has the option to allow selecting the Sales rep from the sales screen itself. You can find the sales rep drop-down on the RHS. Posibolt has an inclusive report called "Sales rep wise sales report" to know Sales history based on the Sales Rep. Configuration to select the Sales Rep in the Sales order screen. Go to Administration -> Role -> Role Configuration -> Allow edit Sales Rep. If you want to make the Sales Rep compulsory before starting the sales then go to Administration->Terminal->Edit the current Terminal-> Force to choose Sales Rep.

    Salesrep config.png
    Salesrep config.png
    Salesrep terminal.png
    Salesrep terminal.png
  31. How to configure to block the Sales of the product which have '0' quantity or Negative stock?
  32. Posibolt allows blocking the negative quantity sales. Once this feature is disabled we can’t do the exchange or sales return. To disable this functionality go to Administration -> Client Configuration -> disable allows negative quantity in sales option.

    Negative qty.png
    Negative qty.png
  33. I added products in the cart after that I discarded them from the sales order. Now I want to retrieve the discarded product into the cart. How to retrieve the entry again?
  34. From the sales history report, Select the "InActive" option from doc status and search it. Edit the document and create the invoice.

    Retrieve sales entry.png
    Retrieve sales entry.png
  35. How to print sales details of selected items on an A4 sheet?
  36. After checking out the sales order, click on "Save as PDF". The invoice will download as a pdf file and take the print in A4 size paper.

    Save as pdf.png
    Save as pdf.png
  37. How to open saved documents?
  38. To open a draft copy of the sales order, select the Customer and click on the Invoke button. You can find all the documents which are pending for invoice. Select the respective document. Make the changes and click check out to generate the invoice.

  39. How to do sales for the products with more than the sales price?
  40. A negative discount helps the user to do the sales with more than the list price. For allowing this, do the steps below Administration-> Role -> Role configuration -> sales -> Allow Negative Discount.

  41. How to do the close till process? Or why is the amount shown on the 'float left behind'?
  42. Whenever you change the cashier or close the till you will be required to count the money you have in your POS terminal. Posibolt uses blind reconciliation meaning that you count the cash first and the system tells you how much money was supposed to be found in the till.

    1. You have to enter the values for Cash sales, Card, and Cheque amounts.

    2. Float left behind is the amount to be carried forward for the next day or next shift (cashier change).

    3. Click on CLOSE.

    4. If the amount entered is correct, then you will get a confirmation message to continue with the close till. Else you get a message that the amount is incorrect. The cashier will not be able to continue to close till with an incorrect amount. Once the cashier has closed the till POS will print the end-of-day receipt.

    Close till 123.png
    Close till 123.png
  43. How to enable Customer Return Order without Reference order?
  44. Posibolt has the option to make a Reference order as compulsory one or not. For that,

    Administration -> Organization -> Allow CRO without Reference Order.

  45. How to set a reference number in the sales screen?
  46. Posibolt has the option to add the reference number in sales. To enable this option Administration->Role-> Role Configuration -> Reference No.

  47. How to enter mixed payment in the sales screen(cash + card)?
  48. Select the customer,Select the cash as payment mode and do the check out.On the cash payment pop-up enter the amount. For the remaining amount, select the payment mode as card and do the check out

  49. How to set tax for export business (sales to countries like Qatar,Kuwait etc.)
  50. Create a tax category and tax rate for tax-exempt, then mark the customer as tax-exempt from the customer master.

  51. How to do manual sorting of the products which are added in the cart?
  52. Sorting can be done using serial numbers. Currently, no sorting is available with another column in the cart.

  53. How to track the missed bill number from the sales history report?
  54. Missing invoice number usually happens when the user creates an invoice from the draft invoice which was created long back. So there will be a mismatch in the invoice sequence number. Search with the customer or with the product name or invoice date to find the missing invoice.

  55. How does the 'close till' difference come about?
  56. When the user tries to close the till two or more times,then there will be a difference in the amount.

  57. How to make Long term sales orders?
  58. I need to make one sales order for 120 quantities on which I deliver 10 quantities per month and create an invoice only for the delivered quantity. How to do that in Posibolt? Posibolt can acquire this using the delay delivery method. Let me explain this scenario step by step.

    1. Enable delay delivery for the role which creates sales order from role configuration.

    2. Create the customer on that you have to select "After delivery" in invoice rule

    3. Create sales order for that with credit payment mode

    4. On delay delivery pop up, mention details and save. Remember not to select "Customer Pickup"

    5. On that time of delivery, go to the customer shipment report in stock. Select the SO number and enter the delivery quantities, shipping details. Click complete.

    6. Now invoice is generated by the system for the delivered quantity.

    7. Check the sales history report for the invoice.

    8. Shipment report for the delivery details and remaining quantities to deliver

  59. Is there any problem on Posibolt if we choose cash in transfer and cash account ledgers on cash account?
  60. Example:- In pos, when creating a cash account, we can set 2 ledgers like cash in transfer & cash account. There is no problem if you choose the same ledgers on accounts. There is an option for posting the same account on webui.

  61. How to complete CRO (customer return order) with reference order?
  62. Edit the organization, on that you can find the option “Allow CRO without Reference Order” select No on that. Now open customer return order a pop up will arise, provide order or invoice number and complete.

  63. How to reprint an invoice?
  64. For previous invoice, Go to sales -> Sales History, Select the respective invoice then click on reprint.

  65. How to disable the option to do sales for above the MRP?
  66. In role configuration there is a configuration 'Allow Negative Discount' under sales, need to disable this.

    Neg disc.png
    Neg disc.png
  67. After giving discount through discount option, not able to apply or the apply button is not triggering?
  68. Make the sales price list as inclusive tax, the 'apply' button works.

  69. Why didn't I get till close print?
  70. It may be due to the pop up block from the browser.Enable the browser popup to get the print until close. For enable the pop-up in Firefox. Click Privacy & Security located on the left side. Select Block pop-up windows below the Permissions section. To allow pop-ups for all sites, clear the check box for block pop-up windows. To allow or block pop-ups for a specific site, click the Exceptions box and enter the site address.

  71. How to enable card sales?
  72. Go to Administration then edit the terminal which you want to add the card payment.Select the bank account for the card payment type. If the bank account is not there, then create a bank account from bank account modules.

    Card sales.png
    Card sales.png
  73. How to open saved documents in sales?
  74. Go to sales. Add customer and then click Invoke button, it displays all the drafted documents and then select the specific document.

  75. How to take print from the server?
  76. Open Sales history,search the invoice,open the invoice document then click on print.

  77. How to create an Order with payment, shipment & invoice with another date?
  78. Enable delayed delivery Advance cash or payment is received from the customer. Shipment & invoicing will be done after some days. Solution:- Customer invoice rule must be customer schedule after delivery. Delivery rule must be Manual and payment rule must be Cash or something.

  79. How to create a loyalty program?
  80. Bronze > 0 to 1000R/20QR= 1POINTS. silver > 1001 to 2200QR/15QR= 1pt gold > 2201 and above /10R =1PT. created the setup. Enable the column in the sales screen.Created customer and selected loyalty program.

  81. How to retrieve a sales order that is accidentally closed when doing sales?
  82. Open sales history,Choose Date order,Choose "Inactive" Doc. Status.

  83. Why Clicking on a document number from Sales history shows a blank page?
  84. When clicking the document number or invoice number in sales history,a blank page appears and order/invoice details are not showing on the page.The Currency symbol was not found for base currency,ie NGN Nigerian Naira.This was corrected to NGN and saved to resolve the issue.

  85. How to disable the 'Prepare' button and enable the check out and save button?
  86. Administration-client configuration disable 'Enable prepare Order', Then Administration - Role - Role configuration - Enable 'Allow Draft Document'.

  87. How to give a reference number on the sales order screen?
  88. For adding the reference number column in the sales screen, you need to enable it from the role configuration. Go to Role-> Role configuration-> Under PO& SO sales screen enable reference no option. Logout and login again to see the changed effect in the sales screen.

  89. How to create a new tax of 0.01 percentage for a customer in sales?
  90. Create a new tax in the tax module and mention the rate as 0.01 , select the destination country in “To Country”. Select the same country while creating the customer.

  91. After completing normal sales,the customer name in the order document is showing another customer's name,whereas the invoice document is showing the actual customer?
  92. Order customer changed from webui to resolve the issue.

  93. How to edit product price in sales screen?
  94. Editing product price is allowed when Posibolt is in wholesale mode. If the business is wholesale business then change the mode to wholesale, Go to Administration -Preferences - POS Features -Wholesale -yes.

  95. How can we delete a sales return bill from the customer ledger,Void option not working in sales return?
  96. After the latest update,the void option has a separate config in role configuration . "Allow Void document" is to be enabled for the required role for showing void option in document and report pages.Enabled the option for roles to resolve the issue.

    Allow void.png
    Allow void.png
  97. How does expense and income get booked when doing close till?
  98. While doing close till, when there is a difference in Cash entered and the actual cash in the system,the difference amount will be booked as expense or income.
  99. How to open a drafted order in sales history?
  100. For selecting the draft order from sales history report, Go to Sales history report, Select date ordered in search by column and drafted in doc status. Click search.

    Draft order.png
    Draft order.png
  101. Why 'Close till amount' is shown twice?
  102. This error comes when we do till close two times at the same 'till' for the same amount.

  103. Why Sync is not happening for close till?
  104. Sync is not happening because of a duplicate customer,when we delete the duplicate customer we are able to sync.

  105. When we change the sales price in a new bill for a sale, does it also affect old bills?
  106. No, it does not affect old bills.

  107. Which is the short key for normal discount applying in sales bill?
  108. The short key for applying a normal discount is the f6 button.

  109. Tax amount in order details screen is showing for GST-5,but in invoice print all items are showing in GST12?
  110. Issue was in sales invoices with total discount.They changed the tax rates for all items to GST12,but the tax set to 'sales discount' charge was GST 5,changed it to GST 12 to resolve the issue.

  111. Tax amount is shown in cgst and sgst columns in order print for an Igst sale.
  112. For the igst tax rate the description was blank given the description as IGST12 to resolve the issue.

  113. 1)Need to show transport vehicle number in sales order print. 2)Need to enable round off in sales 3)Is the save and check out buttons are both the same. 4)Stock take completed but need to edit the stock qty?
  114. 1)You can give the number as a reference number,it will show in the print. To enable reference number - Administration - Role - Role configuration - enable 'allow edit' & 'allow view' for reference number.

    2) Administration - Client configuration - select automatic in 'Round Off Total In SO' config.

    3) NO,if you click on save it will draft the order the order will not be completed,you need to invoke the order and need to check out again.check out button is to complete the order.

    4) we can't edit the stock take sheet after completing stocktake,you can change the stock from the stock adjustment screen.

  115. Why Product qty and total amount is showing double in Sales order and invoice print?
  116. Order line values are showing double in sales order and invoice print, because there were two default sales price lists for client.Remove default from one price list to resolve the issue.

  117. How can i edit the price in quotation?
  118. We can edit the price the same as sale by using F6 or F8.Choose Customer,add product to cart and click on F6 or F8.

  119. Can we edit the accounting date of a sales invoice from the server?
  120. Yes,in sales history click on edit order the record,then change the accounting date there, For this 'Allow Edit date accounting' configuration in role configuration should be enabled.



  1. How to create a new Vendor?
  2. Each purchase needs a Vendor. The Vendor will be a company or person. Posibolt have the option to track all the vendor details You can create a vendor from vendor master. The vendor search option is also available in vendor master itself.

  3. How to rectify if I entered the wrong quantity or selected the wrong item in RG Or How to edit a Purchase Order?
  4. If a user makes any mistakes in the purchase or RG like selecting the wrong item or wrong quantity. Posibolt allows editing the purchase order or receiving goods.

    After the PO or RG user notifies that he needs to change the PO or RG. Go to View purchase report, retrieve the respective PO, Click on Edit, do the changes. Invoke the PO from RG.

    Edit po.png
    Edit po.png
  5. How to open a saved Purchase Order? Or how to edit PO?
  6. Posibolt allows saving all the documents in draft mode, instead of checking out you can click on save for a draft copy. To open the file select the vendor first and click on the invoke button and select the respective document number

  7. How to create an invoice from the view RG report?
  8. Generate invoice at the time receipt, this invoice is for the internal purpose to inform the respective department that the store received the products. Invoice can generate from Posibolt in two ways

    1. At the time of RG creation we have the option to select "Generate Invoice". If we receive all the products we can generate the invoice from the RG screen itself.
    2. Create invoices from view RG reports. Suppose we have partial delivery, upon receiving full we generate one invoice for all the RGs. You can disable the generate invoice from RG for a particular role. Administration->Role->Role Configuration->Disable Generate Invoice from RG
    Generate invoice.png
    Generate invoice.png

    Create invoice.png
    Create invoice.png
  9. How to allocate Goods Return Note for respective POs?
  10. Tracking of the purchase returns against which purchase order OR purchase returns without purchase orders. Suppose items are damaged, select the items you want to return and by specifying the vendor to whom you are returning the items. Posibolt will deduct item/items from your inventory and create a credit note. Enter the PO number in Ref. Invoice number column for tracking the PO.Users can block the purchase returns entry without purchase order by selecting..

  11. How to import products into the cart in Sales?
  12. When the user has all the products for sales or purchase in excel sheet, Instead of selecting one by one user can import directly from excel.Suppose the user got the requirement of products in excel. Users can import the products into the cart. But you need to follow the format which is mentioned by Posibolt. Users can import product names, quantity and prices to the cart.

    Sales import.png
    Sales import.png
  13. How to edit product price from the Purchase Order screen?
  14. After adding the product or products in the cart, select the respective product and click on the “Product Edit” button on the RHS of the purchase screen. Go to the Product price tab in the Product Editor pop up. Click on Save and Add to cart to add new price for the product into the Purchase order cart.

  15. How to view stock in other branches' warehouses from PO screen?
  16. Select the vendor and add the products in the cart. Click RHS product details above the quantity field. Quantity on hand in all warehouses appears in a pop up.

  17. How to change default tax of product in Purchase order from PO screen?
  18. Enable "Allow Tax Selection from PO and RG" in client configuration and click save. Choose product and vendor in PO screen. Choose tax in the dropdown on RHS.

  19. How to receive goods for Multiple Purchase Orders for the same vendor?
  20. A. Create Purchase orders for example PO1 & PO2.

    B. Choose Vendor and click on Multiple PO option in RHS

    C. Click on cart icon above Vendor field

    D. In the Multiple PO details pop up, click on Action button

    E. Choose products checkbox which is received in multiple POs and click on tick button.

    F. Products chosen get added to cart and can be checked out.

  21. How to add non-stock expenses in the Receive goods screen?
  22. For adding a service charge in PO we need to create all the services in the master. Create service charge from maintain charge screen choosing Charge type as "Sales Purchase Charge". Click on Service Charge from the RG screen and choose service charge and amount and click the OK button.

  23. How to distribute the discount when it applies through a quick discount?
  24. Open a quick discount popup, enter the total amount and enable “Distribute Total Discount” and apply.

    Quick disc.png
    Quick disc.png
  25. How to complete the purchase bill with a discount not affecting tax?
  26. Complete RG by not selecting the option "Generate invoice". Create invoice from view and receive goods report for the particular RG. Click on the add discount button and select the charge type as "Purchase discount" and select tax excluded. Enter the discount amount and complete.

  27. How to do RG with a discount charge?
  28. 1.Create purchase discount charge from maintain charge

    2.In rg it can be added through service charge

  29. Why the Check Amount and invoice amount are different in View Receive goods.
  30. Check Amount is the total value of the purchase bill, it excludes discount or price change.

  31. Why is the Error message coming while Voiding landed cost?
  32. The purchase was done in march, some products stock is zero currently, so the issue might be due to this.

  33. Is there any option to import products in the Receive Goods screen?
  34. 1.Open Receive goods

    2.Choose vendor

    3.Click on import button > from the popup ,copy column header and paste in new sheet,add product details sheets > Save file as .csv or .xlsx

    4.Click "choose file" button from product import pop up > select file

    5.Click import.

  35. Is it possible to edit/change vendors after completing RG?
  36. 1.Open View Receive Goods

    2.Choose document want to edit > Click on edit RG

    3.Choose edit from the popup

    4.From Receive goods screen choose new vendor and CHECK OUT.

  37. Why is it showing inconsistent order in the Goods Returned Note screen?
  38. This issue happens because, Open two Goods Returned Note screen in multiple tabs on the same browser.

  39. How to enable SI or serial number in Receive goods screen?
  40. Open Receive goods screen - Click on preference button on top [RHS] > enable SI NO check box > save.

    Serial no.png
    Serial no.png
  41. How to Draft a sale in the Posibolt app?
  42. Add the items to cart then press the back button this order will be drafted and click on a new record for the next customer.

  43. How to add new products?
  44. Administration - Product administration - click on + icon.

    Add products.png
    Add products.png
  45. Why not get a slip print?
  46. Slip print is not getting because the browser download path is incorrect. The correct download path is C-POSIBOLT-Downloads.

  47. Why is the Trade revenue in p&l and cashing up reports by terminal is not equal?
  48. Please check the sales report for sales total,cashing up report will show cash received also.

  49. How to do cash transfer to the bank?
  50. Accounting - cash bank transfer select from account as terminal cash and to as Bank account and do the transfer.

    Cash transfer to the bank.png
    Cash transfer to the bank.png
  51. Why Current money in the terminal showing the wrong value and How to enter Expense?
  52. 1)In 'System Maintenance and DB integrity check' - under 'Recalculate Open balance' select the cash book and click on proceed.

    2)In charge invoice select the supplier and select the charge, then give the amount,description,payment mode then click on submit.

  53. Why does an error message (invalid range) occur when adding serial number-RG?
  54. It is because the second serial number is smaller than the first serial number.

  55. How to reprint a proforma invoice?
  56. In sales history give 'Date created' in search by and 'Drafted' in doc status and give the date and click on reprint.

  57. How to book office expenses?
  58. 1.create a vendor

    2.open charge invoice

    3.add vendor

    4.add charge(office expenses)

    5. Click Submit.

  59. Gave landed cost entry for the same vendor from whom we purchased,but actually the vendor for landed cost is different, so how to change the vendor ?
  60. Please void the landed cost entry from the landed cost report by clicking on respective invoice no. - then click on - doc status - then select void - then click on OK.Then make a new entry.

  61. How is the generate invoice configure working ?
  62. When you complete RG without invoice there only stock would be received .Payment has not been created for the vendor .When generate invoice is enabled, the invoice will be created.

  63. What to do if Vendor open balance is showing wrong in RG screen vendor details ?
  64. Please do 'BPartner Open Balance Update' in the 'System Maintenance and DB integrity check' menu then check.

    Bpartner bal.png
    Bpartner bal.png
  65. Why is invoice number coming wrong when creating invoice from view Rg .
  66. open view rg void invoice document ,open view rg again and create new po again ( not payment done )

  67. Why sales rep cannot see their purchase documents under histories.
  68. When I checked on bpartners the sales rep was vendor checked. So the sales rep is only seeing that vendor PO's. When I uncheck the vendor from partner. He is able to see the orders under histories.

  69. Why we are not able to enter the landed cost for the shipment.
  70. We are not able to enter the landed cost for the shipment due to the lack of stock. They have to do the landed cost entry before sales, otherwise, cost calculation will not be possible without stock.

  71. How to avoid auto debit entry while doing return goods?
  72. From client config make Auto Allocate Overpayment= 'N'.

  73. How to receive goods to different organisation warehouses?
  74. To show all orgs warehouses, go to Client Config and enable Allow RG to other Orgs under Miscellaneous and save.Now,all warehouses are listed in Warehouse filed in RHS in RG screen.

  75. How to enter the shipping charges for the product imported from an outside country?
  76. After receiving goods, maintain all the shipping charges in the landed cost admin module. Select the landed cost category, enter the vendor name, and invoice date and shipment number. Enter the amount for the charges and click on complete. Provision provided to select multiple currencies if the shipping charges are in other than base currency.If landed cost category is missing then you can add from the masters Accounting -> Maintain Charges. Select transit charges as charge type for created charges appears in the landed cost screen.

    Ship charge.png
    Ship charge.png
  77. Why Total invoice amount is showing wrong for the purchase?
  78. The Tax value was wrong in the invoice, Due to the Region for the vendor was not selected.

  79. How to check Vendor balance and due dates?
  80. Vendor settlement - search vendor- show invoice wise details.

Performance Analysis

  1. How to find high quantity purchased customer ?
    1. Go to Performance Analysis Menu.
    2. Select Performance Analysis Report.
    3. Select the time period from the Quick View filter for example, current week or current month.
    4. In the Group By drop down select Customer.
    5. The Sort By drop down will display values corresponding to the customers. Select Quantity.
    6. From the Order By drop down, you can choose Ascending or Descending.
    7. Click on Search. On the right hand side you can choose the form of charts you need.
  2. When a report is exported as CSV, the file opened in Excel displays all rows in one column. How to correct this?
    1. Press the Windows key.
    2. Type "intl.cpl" in the search field and press Enter.
    3. Click "Additional Settings".
    4. Under the Numbers tab:
      1. Change the Decimal Symbol to a dot.
      2. Change the Digit Grouping Symbol to a space.
      3. Change the List Separator to a comma.
    5. Under the Currency tab:
      1. Change the Decimal Symbol to a dot.
      2. Change the Digit Grouping Symbol to a space.
  3. How to check all Customers' outstanding balances at once?
  4. Age Analysis report for the customer will display all unpaid invoices for the customer at any given point of time. You can view the invoices that are partially paid, unpaid and past their due date. You can use this statement to view the real-time snapshot of the customer's unpaid invoices with your business. Suppose you want to know the customer who is not paid even after the grace period or any period. Posibolt will help you to take the details from the age analysis report. Other than the ageing period you can filter it for each organization or region wise. etc. Performance Analysis -> Age analysis report (filter by customer)

    Age analysis.png
    Age analysis.png
  5. Why is the sales rep not shown in the sales rep wise report after the new sales region set to rep ?
  6. They did not conduct sales after that setting , we can set sales rep manually from posibolt webui for the existing sales .

  7. How to remove cost and profit in item wise sales reports?
  8. Item wise sale report -click user preference button -disable (profit and cost) -save.

    Remove cost and profit.png
    Remove cost and profit.png
  9. Why is it Showing error message while taking the sales report Fail To Process Your Request. Cause : org.posterita.exceptions.OperationException: UnExpected Case in Sales Report, No data found in invoice tax for 2021-11-09 00:00:00.0
  10. Please deselect the summary level and document level check boxes in the tax rate.


  1. All shipment lines do not appear in invoice when shipped to different warehouses?
  2. Change the Invoice of the Customer to Immediate from Administration -> Customer.

  3. How to get product list which comes under a group?
    1. Go to Stock menu.
    2. Select Stock Valuation report.
    3. Under the Search By drop down, set Group By as the search criteria.
    4. You will get a text field to enter the group name.
    5. Enter the name of the group.
    6. Make sure the quantity on hand condition is set as All, to list the products if there is no stock.
    7. You will get the list of all products in that group.
  4. How to check the stock transferred from office to shop?
  5. Under the Stock Menu, select Stock Transfer History. You can narrow down the search using the filters:

    1. Scroll down the From Warehouse and choose the Office warehouse name.
    2. Scroll down the To Warehouse and select the shop warehouse name.
    3. Click on the Search button.

    This will display all the transactions done from Office to shop warehouses.

  6. The owner wants to clear all stock items on hand for new stock take.
    1. Go to Stock Menu, click on Stock Take Maintenance.
    2. There you can see Stock Clear box, click on it.
    3. You will get a confirmation box, asking Continue to clear quantity on Hand.
    4. Click on OK.

    This will clear the quantity on hand for all the products.

  7. When we search product from a specific product category in stock valuation it shows quantity on hand as decimal values.
  8. The stock valuation displays quantity in the biggest UOM. To change that select the smallest UOM from the drop down. Then click on Search.

  9. How to Void the file after doing the Stock update through Stock Take Maintenance?
    1. After stock take, if any modification needs to be done or if you want to update the stock take again. Posibolt allows voiding the stock take entries. Suppose the user entered the wrong quantity or forgot to merge the sheets. Go to WebUI WebUI -> physical inventory -> search for the doc no -> click on close button -> select void option and click OK.

    Void from webui.png
    Void from webui.png
  10. How to rectify if I did a stock transfer with the wrong quantity or wrong item?
    1. It allows you to overcome the wrong transfer of Stock or quantity from one warehouse to another warehouse. After you did a stock transfer with the wrong quantity or wrong item, Posibolt has the option to rectify this. We handle this situation in two ways
    2. If the stock is received at the destination physically, make another stock transfer to the source warehouse.
    3. If it is not delivered make the stock entry void from the stock transfer report. Auto-Confirm Stock Transfer is enabled; Stock transfer confirmation did automatically otherwise needs to do the confirmation manually.
    4. For auto-confirmation, Administration → Client Configuration->Auto Confirm Stock Transfer

    Stock transfer 1.png
    Stock transfer 1.png
    Auto stock transfer.png
    Auto stock transfer.png
  11. How to get a product list which comes under a Group?
    1. When we need more classification on product categories, say we need to group the product under each vendor on that occasion we can use groups in Posibolt. To get the list of products under a Group, Go to Stock-> Stock valuation->on the attribute menu you can find the groups drop-down box.
  12. I tried to update Stock adjustment and I cannot see the stock changes?
    1. In Posibolt all the stock entries have the option to keep as a draft copy. When you click on save it gets saved as a draft copy. You have to complete the entry to reflect in the stock. For completing, Go to Stock->stock adjustment history report-> select doc status as draft and retrieve. Click on the document number, you will get the details. Click Complete.
  13. How to check the Group-wise stock balance?
    1. On the Stock Valuation Report, select "Group" from "Search By". Select Group name in the search column. Choose other Conditions and Search.

    Group-wise stock balance.png
    Group-wise stock balance.png
  14. How to check total items in an Organization?
  15. For big organizations, they want to know how many items we created till now or they want to know how many items have stock or negative stock...Using stock valuation reports we can get the exact values as we want.

    Suppose an organization wants to see the total item created. Stock->Stock valuation report. Select quantity as On Hand and condition= all. We can retrieve all the items except items that are inactivated in the product administration.You can export all the products into an excel sheet. Administration->Import/Export->select type as Product -> Export.

    Qty on hand.png
    Qty on hand.png
  16. I want to give a special rate to a certain customer. This special rate may vary for each customer. How should I implement it in Posibolt?
  17. Posibolt maintains any number of stocks for sales. The price list is assigned to a terminal. But we can assign a special price list for different customers and it will override the price list which is assigned to the terminal during the time of sales. Create a price list schema from Administration->Price List Schema Create a price list from Administration->Price List. Select the price list schema on the newly created price list. Select the option to generate a new price for all the products based on the formula mentioned in the price list schema. Assign this price list for the customer or customer group. On sales, whenever we select our special customer the new price list will get activated automatically.

    Pricelist schema.png
    Pricelist schema.png
    Edit pricelist.png
    Edit pricelist.png
    Update customer.png
    Update customer.png
  18. I want to transfer an item from one Warehouse to another Warehouse and I need to sell that item at a different price. So how can he give two prices for an item?
  19. Posibolt has the option to create any number of price lists for sales and purchase. Create a price list for the warehouse where you moved the item. Set the price for the item from the product administrator. In the terminal setting set the new price list as the sales price list.

  20. Is there any Option to change the price at the time of Stock Transfer?
  21. No option is available to change price at the time of Stock Transfer

  22. In the shipment report, is there any way to disable or remove the shipment number field?
  23. There is no way to remove the shipment number field.

  24. How to check group wise stock balance?
  25. 1.Stock

    2.Open Stock Valuation

    3.Select "Group" from "Search By" > enter group name in search column

    4.Choose Condition


    Group stock.png
    Group stock.png
  26. How to enter Opening stock?
  27. Enter the stock from the stock take screen and complete it from the stock take maintenance screen.

    Stock maintenance.png
    Stock maintenance.png
  28. How to transfer stock to the main branch?
  29. Purchases > Need to do entry in Goods Returned Note.

  30. How to correct the quantity if the wrong quantity is given while doing stock take?
  31. Need to do stock take for the item again,need to change the date in stock take screen,need to enter the actual qty there.

  32. How to stock clear for a category?
  33. Open stock take > add a product from that category > complete > open stock take maintenance > select the document > click the clear button from bottom the screen > then a popup coming there select the category and complete.


    1. Charge Invoice is showing an error "Insufficient Account Balance" when creating a charge to a vendor with payment.
    2. This error message appears as there is no balance in Cash Account. This is a new feature which restricts the payment with no balance or negative balance. Follow these steps to enable negative payment:

      1. Go to Administration.
      2. Click on Client Configuration.
      3. Select the check-box " Allow -Ve Payment".
      4. Click on Save.
    3. How to repost accounting entries of AR /AP invoices?
      1. Repost in Posibolt finance will help you to recreate the accounts entry again even after completion of the entry. Whenever the account balance is not balancing with the account ledger Or after any entries made in the account ledger if changes are made in accounts details, Go to the entry and do repost the entry again. In document posting status report-> Document Name: Invoice -> Search by: Document No.
    4. How to credit a correct Vendor account after purchase invoice made to incorrect Vendor without editing entry?
      1. For correcting the entry, without editing the payment entry, do the following steps. Steps - 1. Do vendor journal credit with invoiced amount to correct Vendor after giving a proper description of the event in the Description field 2. Do vendor journal debit with the same amount to the incorrect vendor. Now the incorrect Vendor open balance will be subtracted with the invoiced amount and it will reflect the incorrect vendor. Accounting Implication Account set on Old Invoice Vendor Charge will be debited and credited with the same amount thus cancelling out. Accounts Payable will remain the same but it will reflect incorrect Vendor when grouped by B partner in the statement of accounts
    5. There is some balance for a selected account in payment for allocation but all are allocated already. Need to rectify this issue?
      1. Go to the statement of accounts and choose a Payment account to check.
      2. Select group by B partner, all the B partners with transaction balances are listed.
      3. Drill down into a B partner and check the payment for which allocation entry is missing.
      4. On identifying the payment, go to Vendor settlement/Payment History and search for payment number.
      5. Click on document number and see the allocation details page for allocation posting If Posting is drafted, go to WebUI and complete the allocation. In some cases, the allocation was in the different year to payment/invoice then, the allocation was voided and payment reallocated again to correct posting.
    6. How to enter GL journal?
      1. The journal consists of accounting entries that record business transactions, in sequential order by date. For creating a journal entry in Posibolt, Do following steps:
      2. In Accounting -> GL journal.
      3. Click on the add button.
      4. Choose GL Journal Type.
      5. Add accounting date > Add a description.
      6. Choose Debit and credit account > enter amount.
      7. Click Completes saving the entry.
    7. How to book an expense in Posibolt?
      1. Expenses are always recorded as debit entries in expense accounts. For doing an expense entry in Posibolt, follow the steps below:
      2. Create a charge from the Maintain Charges screen.
      3. Open Charge invoice
      4. Choose expense -> Add partner -> Click add new button > Add created charge in Charge Name column -> add amount.
      5. Choose Payment Type.
      6. Click on the Submit button.
    8. How to set a dummy account in card transactions?
      1. Create a new account Administration -> Bank account -> click add new
      2. Change card account from terminal Administration -> Terminal -> select terminal ->Edit. Select the dummy account in the card part and save
    9. How to export customer statements with opening balance and invoice wise?
    10. In the customer statement select 'Open invoices' on the statement by column then click on submit button.

    11. How to enter Bad debts?
    12. Go to maintain charges ,create bad debt charge after creating Account for Bad debts under expense account Set credit note option in maintain charge for the charge created . Go to Credit note screen in Accounting menu and choose Customer, Bad debts in charge and complete document This can be also done from the Charge Invoice screen instead of Credit note screen using negative value.

    13. How to transfer the amount from the cash book ?
    14. Select cash/bank transfer from the accounting module. Select the from account, to account and enter the amount and the description. Click save

    15. What is the 'Period Closed' error?
    16. From 'Add History Days' we can add history period Accounting-chart of accounts-add history days -set 365 days Error message displayed when completing a transaction or invoice within a period before 365 days.

    17. How to get an Invoice wise tax report for a month?
    18. In the tax report select previous month then enable show invoices checkbox and search.

      Invoice wise tax report.png
      Invoice wise tax report.png
    19. How to create a cash account for transferring the difference amount to a separate bank account?
    20. Administration > Bank account > Created a cash account and set up the created Chart of Accounts.

    21. How to Change the credit sale approval role accounts to production team?
    22. The credit warning role accounts role to the production team can be changed from popup configuration.

    23. Why am I not able to complete the charge invoice,it's getting stuck while clicking on the submit button.
    24. Issue was,the vendor checkbox was not checked, in the business partner screen.

      Vendor checked.png
      Vendor checked.png
    25. How to make an entry for a temporary loan taken from their partner for a short time of period,no need to make it as a ledger entry.
    26. Create a vendor with a partner name and make him a customer from bpartner menu,then make the entry from bpartner settlement.

    27. Why is there a Trial Balance Debit and Credit balances mismatch?
    28. Traced out each period and found that landed cost entries posting were incorrectly posted in one side only.Issue corrected on reposting landed cost entries.

    29. Why Cannot allocate an invoice for a vendor of the previous period?
    30. Changed the history days to 1500 from webui since the client does not have History Days in the Posibolt Chart of accounts page .Now ,we can use History Days from the Chart of Accounts page.

    31. How to reverse receipt ?
    32. In Payment history - Give the date by selecting filter by as Custom,then give the date then search, then click on edit payment in the respective document, then click on OK in the popup,then give the reason and click on OK.

      Reverse receipt .png
      Reverse receipt .png
    33. While giving customers previous open balances from the customer journal screen need to select debit or credit ?
    34. We must select Debit for this purpose.

    35. How to make an entry for Fixed asset purchase ?
    36. 1. Create a vendor from whom it is purchased.

      2. Create a Ledger in chart of accounts

      A.Give the name for the fixed asset account

      B.Select the account type as Asset

      C.Select parent a/c to move to fixed asset

      D.Click on create charge

      E.Save the details.

      3.Do the entry from the charge invoice screen.

      A.Select the vendor from whom the fixed asset is purchased.

      B.Select the fixed asset charge.

      C.Give the amount and payment details.

      D.Click on submit.

      The entry will be posted under Fixed Asset.

    37. How to change the cash account on the 'Payment and Receipt' screen?
    38. Accounting - PAYMENT/RECEIPT VOUCHER - choose vendor - select payment type(cash) - select the cash account from Account filter.

      Cash type1.png
      Cash type1.png
    39. Why is it Showing Error message 'Period closed' while editing previous year payment ?
    40. Increased 'History Days' in account schema in webui to solve this issue.

    41. Why is the charge amount not shown in the order invoice
    42. The issue comes when the charge description was blank when creating charge.

    43. What must be done if Payment done with pdc is showing in Payment history?
    44. In client configuration disable the configuration 'PDC Effect Accounting'.

    45. How To Create a Back Office Cash Account?
    46. - Go to Administration

      - Open bank account

      - Search By : Account number > Click on Add button

      - choose Bank Name/Create a new bank > give the name of the cash book in Account Number column Eg:"org name"back-office cash account

      - Account Type = Cash > Bank Asset = Cash > Bank In Transit = Cash In-Transfer

      - Check active check box

      - Save.

    47. What to do if wrong To account is selected in Cash/Bank Transfer?
    48. Open Cash/Bank Transfer Report - Reverse the entry - and do the correct entry again in Cash/Bank Transfer.

    49. Why an Error message is displayed while reversing bpartner payment from payment history?
    50. Increased credit limit to resolve the issue.

    51. Disabled 'PDC Effect accounting' config in client configuration,then not showing pending PDC in PDC report?
    52. Before disabling 'PDC Effect accounting' configuration need to complete the pending pdc.


    1. What to do if Alignment got changed in the barcode label print?
    2. All the barcode label alignments are on the preference screen. On the preference screen select “Show Advance option”, You can see all the values which are appearing on the barcode sticker. For alignment adjusts X origin and Y origin values.

    3. What to do while printing the barcode sticker, skip the second label?
    4. Reconnect the printer and restart the printer from the Posibolt printer folder.

    5. How to enable product creation access in the accountant role?
    6. Login as admin user and change role and access for the particular role.

    7. How to set up KOT?
    8. Install the kot setup exe - Give the details in the setup screen.

    9. Product not found ' error shows while importing the sheet to stock take screen,but the sheet was exported from posibolt?
    10. 1)There was having 2 spaces in between the letters of the product names,but when they copied and pasted the product names these spaces was reduced to 1,

      2)For some products the Arabic name was given in the product name field in posibolt, these products were showing as '?' in the exported sheet, Advised to correct these names in posibolt to resolve the issue.

    11. Barcode print not getting, While clicking on print in barcode printing screen,text file is downloading,but its not getting printed.Tested with test print from control panel,but its not getting printed.
    12. The issue was fixed after the system restart.

    13. Why is the sales rep not shown correctly in the sales rep drop down list ?
    14. Shows business partner code instead of sales rep name - changed it from webui/ there username is set as code now changed to name with code.

    15. What to do if Till opening balance popup comes to the sales screen?
    16. It can be disabled from Organization configuration (validate till opening balance).

      Till open.png
      Till open.png
    17. How to Import customer data?
    18. - Open customer Master screen - Click on Customer import button - Click on Normal Template > CSV sheet will download - Fill all mandatory columns and save - Open customer Master screen - Click on Customer import button - Click on "Choose files"> Choose saved file - Click Import button > All files should import successfully.

    19. Need to change the sales price for all items,as the gst changed to 12%?
    20. 1.Export all items from import/export menu.

      2.Delete all other columns except 'Name' and 'standard price' columns.

      3.Change the price in 'standard price' columns.

      4.Then import the sheet from the import/export menu by clicking on 'is exist' check box in import popup.

      Gst change.png
      Gst change.png
    21. How to create a new organization ?
    22. From the Administration menu open Organization,we have to Click on create button(+),Give all mandatory details such as Name,Code,GST No,Messages and other required fields and Save it so as to create an organization.

      New org.png
      New org.png
    23. How to create a user?
    24. Navigate to Administration choose User,Click on Create user button,Add name, set role,set user password and pin and save.

    25. How to set a default price list?
    26. Navigate to Administration,Choose Pricelist,pick required Price list,Click on edit and Tick "default" flag and save.

    27. How to Edit terminal name?
    28. Navigate to Administration, go to Terminal,Choose the required terminal then Click on edit button and Edit the name and Save.

    29. How to enable Voucher payment mode?
    30. Need to select the bank a/c in the terminal settings, Administration - Terminal - Click on edit the corresponding terminal - select the bank account for Voucher payment type.

    31. How to change accounting date while entering sales.
    32. Need to enable 'Allow Edit date accounting' config in role config. Administration - Role - select the role - click on 'Set role configuration' - click the check box 'Allow Edit Date Accounting' under General .

    33. How to make a vendor to a customer?
    34. In administration choose business partners and search the vendor then edit the vendor and click on 'Iscustomer' checkbox and save.

    35. How to do sales rep hierarchy setup?
    36. In Administration choose Users search the users and change their supervisors according to priority and save.

    37. How to resolve the issue open balance is different from ledger balance?
    38. In Administration choose System Maintenance and DB integrity check Click Proceed from the option Recalculate Open Balance to resolve the issue.

    39. I also sell to customer & give them a special price, so when I am not in the shop – they can’t place their orders.
    40. With POSibolt, you can set different price structures for a customer. Create a Price list with the prices you are offering to the customer. In Administration Menu - select Customer. Select the customer for you wish to set a price-list. Click on Edit, under the Price List drop down select the price-list.

    41. Added product using SKU in barcode printing screen but in the label UPC is printed, why?
    42. In the Bar-code Printing Screen, on the right hand side, you can select the values to be added to the label. By default, UPC is selected. Select SKU. This will print the SKU in the bar-code labels.

    43. Sales rep from terminal ABC tries to login to terminal XYZ. After login the terminal still remains ABC. Why?
    44. The user must have set terminal ABC as his default terminal, so that he is directed to it on each login.

      1. Go to Administration - click on Users.
      2. Select the User and click on Edit.
      3. Under User's Details you can find the drop down Terminals. When a terminal is set, the user will be directed to that terminal after his login.
      4. To remove a terminal name, just select a blank entry in the drop down.
      5. This way the user can log into another terminals
    45. Need to edit footer message in receipt. How do I do it?
    46. The footer messages are edited from the Edit Organization Screen.

      1. Go to Administration - Organization. Search for the organization name and click on Update.
      2. Under the Receipt Footer Message, you can edit the message.
    47. I need to show limit price in sales screen, as the sales man needs to enter wholesale bill.
    48. This feature can be enabled from the role configuration of the user. Go to Administration - Roles.

      1. Search the role of the User.
      2. Highlight the user line and click on Set Role Configuration.
      3. Under the SO & PO Screen Settings
        1. Select the Price Limit check-boxes for Allow View and Edit.
      4. Click on Save.
      5. After a restart, the price limit will appear in the sales screen.

    49. The owner wants to disable edit sales option for the role manager, how to do?
    50. From the Administration menu, go to Role menu.

      1. Search for the Role - Manager.
      2. Highlight the role and click on Set role configuration icon from the right hand side panel.
      3. Under Other Settings disable the feature Allow Edit Document. Click on Save.

      This will remove the Edit Order feature in the Sales History for the role Manager.

    51. I want to give product create permission to our manager. How do I do it?
      1. Go to Administration - Role
      2. Search for the role of the manager.
      3. Click on Set Role Configuration.
      4. Under Product Screen Settings, select the check-boxes Allow Create and Allow Edit
    52. We want to include the sales after 12:00 am to previous days sale.
    53. Go to Administration - Client Configuration. Change the hour in Close day extend hour option.

    54. When try to import items we get the error message as Product at line 2 not imported. UPCType Invalid value - - Reference_ID=1000000 - N - P - W.
    55. This message is thrown because no Bar code Type has been added to the product in the CSV. Enter the Barcode Type as:

      • N - Normal Bar code
      • W - Weighed Bar code
      • P - Priced Bar code
    56. We want to know the supplier name from whom the item is purchased.
      1. Go to Administration - Product Information
      2. Search for the product.
      3. Click on Purchase Summary, this will display the supplier name and date of purchase etc..
    57. How do we set the auto generator for UPC?
    58. Posibolt helps you to track and organize your products with unique and custom codes. To do this,

      1. Log in to WebUI mode.
      2. From Menu/System Admin/General Rules/System Rules - select System Configurator.
      3. This enables you to define global parameters which are stored in the DB. This way you can control program flow without changing code.

      4. To create new configurator, click on create new icon.
      5. Enter the values as in the figure,
      6. SysConfigurator.png
      7. Select Client from the drop down.
      9. Enter Description as also same.
      10. Enter the search key as Y.
      11. Select the Entity Type as User Maintained.
      12. Select the Configuration Level as Client.
      13. Select the Active check-box.
      14. Click on Save.

      We will now add the Document Sequence from Posibolt.

      1. From main menu, navigate to Administration.
      2. Select Document Sequence Maintenance, from Setup sub menu.
      3. Click on Add New icon.
      4. You will get the form to fill the details.
      5. Enter the values as:
      6. Name Enter the name as M_Product_UPC.
        Description Enter any description for the sequence
        Organization Select any organization or choose *
        Next ID Displays the next UPC that is generated.
        Increment Enter the value to be increment for the net sequence.
        Starting No Enter the starting number of the UPC code. The number will increment from this.
        Prefix Enter any number or series which must appear before the UPC number.
        Suffix Enter a number pr series which precedes the UPC code.
        Active Select the Active check-box.

      After this is set, when a product is created, UPC will be generated by Posibolt. If we go back and check the Document Sequence Maintenance, we can see the Next ID to be generated.

    59. How to enable card sale in Posibolt?
    60. In Posibolt, the Terminal is a powerful and convenient concept. A User is always logged into a Terminal. The Terminal brings all the details together – from the price list you are using to the default warehouse information. In a terminal, we can set a Cash bank Account, Cash Customer, Purchase and Sales Price-list, Warehouse, EFT and card account. For adding the card sale in Posibolt, Select the terminal in which we are doing the sales. Edit it and add the card account in the payment type. Log out and log in again. Go to the sales order and you can find the card payment.

      Card sale.png
      Card sale.png
    61. How to enable the Warehouse or Warehouse Name not to show in the Warehouse suggestion/selection list?
    62. From Administration-> Warehouse Maintenance -Search warehouse -> Edit > Enable "Active" check box -> Save

    63. How to check who or which user updated product price?
    64. Under Administration->Product price change report,Search the product using different criteria as per the user requirement

    65. Why is the product name not shown on the barcode label?
    66. Open barcode printer screen. Add a product and select the Product Name for print. We have the option to select or deselect the fields which we need to print in the barcode label.

    67. Unable to complete Sales error showing "Cannot save PO object. Cause: ERROR : Duplicate Key"?
    68. 1. Open document sequence maintenance screen

      2. Search and edit Standard order and AR invoice

      3. Give Next ID, Prefix and Suffix > Save

    69. How to delete a product?
    70. Open Product Administration and search the product and edit the Product and disable the active check box .

      Delete product.png
      Delete product.png
    71. How to add a receipt footer message?
    72. Open organization from administration, Edit the organization. On the screen you can see the footer message option. Provide the details and save.

      Receipt footer.png
      Receipt footer.png
    73. How to set up a landed cost admin?
    74. From the administration menu find the landed cost category. Create the categories and save. After receiving goods, go to the landed cost admin. Along the landed cost, select the vendor and shipment. On RHS you can see the details of the shipment. Enter the amount and save.

    75. How to rename an Organisation?
    76. In administration click on the organisation, then edit the name of the organisation and save.

    77. Why is the Cess/tax rate not calculated for products when sold?
    78. Parent tax is not set for tax rate -Open tax -Search tax rate > edit and set parent tax rate -SAVE.

    79. Why is the Vat amount not showing in print & preview?
    80. No need to check the summary level for the tax rate, if so, unselect and save it.

      Sum level.png
      Sum level.png
    81. How to inactive bank accounts?
    82. Administration -Bank account -Select Bank account -edit – Unselect “is active” and save.

      Inactive bank.png
      Inactive bank.png
    83. Can we import customers from excel sheets ?
    84. Yes, In the customer menu click on the customer import icon, there is an option to import customers from an excel sheet.

      Import customer.png
      Import customer.png
    85. How to change the uom for the product ?
    86. If any transaction done for the product we can't change the uom, the solution for that is - We need to rename the existing product and deselect the 'Saleable' checkbox,Adjust the stock for the product,Then create a new product with the required Uom,adjust the stock for the new product.

    87. Why is it Showing Error message 'Invalid column name Postal code' while importing a customer?
    88. The import format should be the template taken from the customer import screen.

    89. Flood Cess is showing in slip print ?
    90. Made changes in slip print itself and removed flood cess from print altogether and copied file to live instance after testing.

    91. How to remove the word 'MRP' on the barcode label?
    92. Localization - Search MRP -choose barcode MRP -remove MRP in barcode MRP -Save.

    93. Why did the blocking error message open " No price list found" while creating a product from RG?
    94. The vendor does not select the price list

      1.Create customer

      2.Open bpartner

      3.Tick vendor check box and save

      so the vendor did not choose the price list. because of that the error is showing.

    95. Why is the product name not shown on the barcode label?
    96. Open barcode printer screen - add product -Tick the Product Name check box (RHS of barcode print screen) -click print.

    97. What is the grace amount?
    98. Grace amount is the additional amount provided against the existing credit limit.

    99. Why is the Slip invoice showing product description instead of item name or upc?
    100. Currently the print format is Description, Changed the format to Name India to solve this issue.

    101. How to remove all existing products and add new products?
    102. 1) Export all the products, then give 'N' in 'is active' column for all the products, remove other columns except Name and is Active column, then import the sheet by selecting is existing check box.

      2) Import the new products.

    103. How to change order invoice sequence settings?
    104. We can change it from document sequence setting from administration.

    105. The user has to edit all the organisation details like (customer, vendor), but only one organisation in the reports'. How to set it up?
    106. Role - enable all organisation access open report (sales history,sales report,item wise sale report...)-select org in organisation filter -click screen preference -click 'choose user/role' -search user - disable org filter -save.

      Disable org.png
      Disable org.png
    107. Why the credit limit cannot be edited?
    108. Role - role configuration -allow credit limit and bp group -enable.

      Edit credit .png
      Edit credit .png
    109. Why is it Getting Stuck while adding new products from product administration?
    110. 'IS default' checkbox was unchecked in Default price lists,checked the checkboxes to solve the issue.

      Is default pricelist.png
      Is default pricelist.png
    111. What happens when barcode type is not set while importing a product?
    112. The issue comes in their sheet, after setting barcode type mandatory type and import the issue disappears.

    113. How to deactivate all products?
    114. 1.Firstly we need to clear the stock. Open stock take - add a product to cart - then click on save - open stock take maintenance menu - select the document by clicking on the check box - click on stock clear - then click on OK in the popup - then click on complete.

      2.Need to make the products inactive. Export the product sheet from import/export menu - Delete all other columns except Product name and is active columns in the sheet -give 'N' in isactive column for all products - then save the sheet - import the sheet from import/export menu by clicking on is existing check box.

    115. Why is it not displaying all customers in the customer screen and credit management screen (Having 1000 above customers)?
    116. Administration - Client configuration - Increase the number of 'Maximum Number of Records to be Displayed in Reports'. Then do cache reset from - System maintenance and db integrity check , then logout and login - then check.

    117. What must be done to edit the price from the sales screen?
    118. Need to enable a wholesale screen for that.Administration - Preferences - Click on 'Wholesale' in POS Features.

    119. How to change the sales price for all products?
    120. Need to export all the products,then need to import by clicking on 'Is existing'.Administration - Import/Export - click on export - Then open the sheet and delete all other columns except Name and Standard Price Columns - Change the sales price in standard price column ,then save the sheet - Click on import button then click on 'Is existing' in the popup - then choose the file - then click on OK.

    121. What happens when Inactivated the BOM version?
    122. Created an item with bom,Inactivated the BOM version (Due to incorrect final product and BOM details) Eg: item A -> bom B then updated to below Item B -> A. Did cache reset and retry importing boms for the items,Deleted non default bom and its version to resolve the issue.

    123. How to change the product category for an existing product?
    124. -Open Product Administration -Search and edit product -Choose a different product category -Save.

    125. How to set up a slip print printer?
    126. -Install latest possible print setup file -Run the setup -Choose the printer name and fill other mandatory columns -Save -Restart the setup.

    127. How to change the user pin?
    128. Administration - Users - select the user and click on edit button - give new pin in 'User PIN' field - then click on save.

    129. How to show the newly created price list in the Price tab in preferred sequence?
    130. Price Lists created can be shown in the desired sequence using seq no in Pricelist master. Give the sequence for eg from 1 - 10 and it will come accordingly in the Price tab in Product admin.

    131. Price List created and set for customers but Bp group is showing different in the sales screen?
    132. Price List can be set for customers individually irrespective of Bpgroup. So,created a new bpgroup for the customer mentioned and set a price list for the customer to classify those customers.

      System Administration

      1. Posibolt is not starting with an error message, Java heap space error in silent setup.
      2. Java application was corrupted. Did the following steps:

        1. Reinstalled Java in the same location as old one
        2. Ran silent Setup and
        3. Started posibolt.
      3. Posibolt and VPN is not starting, or related files are missing in windows machine.
        1. It is happening because of the anti-virus program that was running on machine which deleted some files related to posibolt server.To fix this issue, whitelist posibolt and supportive softwares in anti-virus.


      Java Applet

      1. What are some general tips for troubleshooting java applet- Printer issues?
      2. Please follow these steps

        1. Try to make a test page from that printer.If test print is failed remove all print jobs from queue and try.
        2. Check Java applet is installed or Not
        3. Check the versions of Java Applet and Firefox. If it is not compatible, you need to fix it.
        4. Verify Java Applet in browser using the link:https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
        5. Edit java policy file
        6. Make sure the auto-updation of firefox was disabled.
        7. Check whether java applet is activated in firefox plugin,for that please open about:addons from your browser.
        8. Add the Posibolt site URL in Exception site list on java control panel.
        9. Reset the cache of all browser, Posibolt and java.
      3. We are unable to print using the Java applet printing?
      4. Please go through the steps provided in the following links

        Java Applet In Linux
        Java Applet In Windows
      5. What to do when java Applet is not detecting in Firefox browser?
      6. Please follow these steps

        1. Make sure Firefox is restarted after installation of java package.
        2. Verify Java Applet in browser using the link:https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
        3. Click on Add-ons of the browser and make sure that all java Add-on are in "Always Activate" mode or if it is not there it should be in "Ask to activate" mode.

        If the browser does not detect java after the above 2 methods then check whether the browser and java are of same architecture i.e., 32-bit. If Firefox will be compatible with 32-bit java, and also make sure that OS and Firefox, java architecture is compatible too.

        Note: - 64-bit OS supports both 32-bit, 64-bit java and Firefox.

      7. It shows "error" instead of printer name in Administration → Preferences → "Printer name" field in Posibolt.Whats the problem?
        1. Reload the page once or twice if necessary and if it doesn't come yet the java and Firefox version may be not compatible so you have to try another combination of java or Firefox following the document in wiki Posibolt Printer Setup
        2. If Java is not allowed in site permissions,Allow it:
          • For allow java permission, click on the icon shown in the left hand side of browser ,select the site and click on More Information.
          • Under permission, enable the option Allow for both java and java-vulnerable plugin.
      8. If java applet setup is perfect,Firefox and java is compatible and when log in to Posibolt, java will throw the security alert box and printer also won't be shown in Posibolt printer preference .What do I do?
        1. Verify Java Applet in browser using the link:https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
        2. It is because you have forgotten to add the Posibolt site URL in Exception site list on java control panel.
        3. If the printer is still not detected in Posibolt after doing these setup, the reason may be java is blocked by antivirus. To white list the site, you can follow the steps in below link; https://www.hide-my-ip.com/firewall-config-mcafee.shtml
      9. The printer is working perfectly long time and suddenly it is not working.Now whats wrong?
        1. We need to reset a full browser, Posibolt cache and check that it is working or not.
        2. Still it is not working, just open the java control panel ,
          • Under the category Temporary Internet Files, two buttons Settings and View will be there.
          • Click on View button will open the java cache viewer
          • Select and clear all cache in every option of Applications, Resources, and Deleted Applications etc.
          • After this issue will fix ninety percentage.
        3. Verify Java Applet in browser using the link:https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
        4. Go to Posibolt -> Preferences, and check printer is detected ;If its detected try to reprint any invoice
      10. I am unable to print from the miniserver. But a re-print from the central server with the same terminal works?
      11. Please check if the following conditions are met:

        1. Go to Administration - Preferences.
        2. Check if the Allow Printing option is enabled.
        3. If you are printing using Java Applet, make sure that Enable Java Applet option is selected. See the following pages for Java applet settings
          Java Applet In Linux
          Java Applet In Windows
        4. If the printer is connected the server, then make sure that Enable Server Print is selected.
      12. After a sale, the slip print has come out incomplete. Not all sales are added to the slip print?
      13. As the sale was long, all the products were not added to the slip print. We need to increase the default paper size to maximum.

        printer properties>preferences>Layout>PaperSize 80x 3276
        printer properties>Device Settings>PaperSize 80 x 3276
      14. I am unable to take a print in sales screen, but reprint is working properly?
      15. In client configuration, the slip print format was set as Jasper Report.

        In the Administration - Preferences,

        1. Choose the Printer type as Normal from the drop down.
      16. When I try to take a test print , an error occurs like " Test page failed to print".Whats do I do?
      17. Follow the below solutions:

        1. Check the print queue and Remove all print jobs from queue and try
        2. Change printer usb port from printer preference & try.
        3. Reinstall the printer driver and try
      18. I have an issue that any of the printers was not detected in printer preferences of posibolt after restart the system. Whats wrong?
      19. May be “ Print Spooler” (software program responsible for managing all print jobs)service was stopped. Start the 'print spooler' service from service management.Printers will be detected

      20. When open Posibolt Software , some pop up will display for remembering java. What to do?
      21. Try to put tick for remember in future.

      22. Printers was not listing in Posibolt preferences;What should i check?
        1. Check the printer was installed after starting posibolt service.
        2. If yes,clear cache from Adempiere management & check again.
        3. Check the printer type whether the printer is shared or not.
        4. If the printer is shared , it will not display in dropdown.
          • Because by default, posibolt service is running under network service account.
          • So change posibolt service account to login user.
          • After restart posibolt service , the printer will display in dropdown.
      23. Getting the error message Failed to validate certificate. The application will not be executed. How to rectify?
      24. Cause : This error has appeared when users were running older releases of Java.The issue was with the version of Java and its handling of certificates.

        Solutions : We have two different possible solutions for this issue.

        Solution 1:

        1. Open the Java Control Panel: Start > Control Panel > Programs > Java
        2. Go to the Advanced tab > Security > General
        3. UNCHECK the option: "Enable online certificate validation"


        Solution 2 :

        1. Uninstall Java (the JRE) and install the latest release from http://java.com to resolve the issue.
      25. Why does the slip print displays junk characters?
      26. This is due to incorrect Printer Type selected from Administration → Preferences. The printer types available are:

        1. Epson Compatible
        2. Slip 9 Pin
        3. Slip Thermal
        4. Normal

        Normal Printer type is used while printing with A4 sheet. That is why it is printing Junk Characters. Select the printer type which suits the slip printer.


      1. What is Zero error?
      2. Zero Error occurs when internet connection is lost.

      3. Why is the Age Analysis Report not loading for the due date for 30-06-2021?
      4. It was because of a Performance issue ,Speed has been improved for fast running of the report.

      5. How to solve Match invoice not posted due to error for 8555 records?
      6. 1. Go to webui and search for resubmit posting

        2. Choose Match Invoice and click start

        Also ,run the account processor from Posibolt again to post all records.

      7. How to access a stand alone server remotely?
      8. Need to forward port 8088,need to set up through Noip.

      9. Where will I get particular items cost and other sales details?
      10. We can refer to item wise sales reports for getting these details.

      11. How to avoid entering the transaction number while doing UPI payment?
      12. From webui, Payment type, Select the UPI payment and remove the text from cpt_reference1_name,cpt_ref1_column,cpt_reference2_name,cpt_ref2_column.

      13. How to remove organization name from slip print?
      14. From WebUI go to the system configurator, create a new record. On the name and description column copy "SHOW_ORG_NAME_IN_SLIP" Configuration level = 'Client' Search Key = 'N' and save.

      15. Why am I not getting any details on fast moving items Tallyweijl report?
      16. This is due to the items received with 0 cost to the system recently,When updating the cost price for both items they started to generate.

      Posibolt App

      1. How to take a Performa invoice from an app?
      2. In spot sales after clicking on check out in the payment screen there is an option to take the Performa print.

      3. How to make an invoice for the sales orders done from the app ?
      4. From customer shipment module, enter the order number

      5. When opening the sales screen in Touch Pos/restaurant screen warning message showing No category setup found?
      6. 1. Administration > Product category > Create/Edit category

        2. Set Sequence for product category

        3. Open System Maintenance and DB integrity check screen > Click Cache Reset button

        4. Log out and log in again in Posibolt.

        Seq no1.png
        Seq no1.png
      7. Why is the system asking to choose a table when opening the sales screen?
      8. Selected POS Feature is restaurant; in the restaurant screen choosing table is mandatory.

        1. For Touch screen purpose we have two type of screen [Touch POS and Restaurant]

        2. Under Administration Open Preferences screen > choose Touch POS from POS Features

        3. SAVE.

        Pos feature.png
        Pos feature.png
      9. How to edit the qty after giving kot in the Posibolt app?
      10. Currently we have only the option to add the same item again to cart and give the qty(adding or reducing).

      11. Why is the Driverdo App not working?
      12. The issue was because they didn't choose the option ISHIPPER for that user.

      13. How to check out the invoice after enabling KOT in APP?
      14. We must Long press on the place order button,then checkout .

      15. How to give profile details in posibolt APP?
      16. Below are the details given in each feild.

        1.Enter name of profile - Profile name needs to be given as per client choice.

        2.Profile user pin - Enter user pin as per client choice.

        3.Base url - Give the Url

        4.Domain - give the domain

        5.User name- User name which is set in posibolt

        6.Password - User password is set in posibolt for the user.

        7.Client id - it will get from update license menu in posibolt

        8.App secret - it will get from update license menu in posibolt

        9.Terminal - Terminal name

      17. How to set kot printer,invoice print in posibolt App ?
      18. KOT print setup-In settings - Direct KOT print settings - click on (+) button - then give the details for the printer, then test with test print,if test print came then click on done - then in the 'Category & printer' menu assign the printer for each category. Invoice print-In default printer settings give the details of the printer then check with a test print, if test print came then click on done.

      19. How to inactive a product in the Posibolt app?
      20. Open web access from app - login - Administration - Product administration - Then search the item - then deselect Active check box -then save.

      21. Why is it Showing Error message 'Customer credit status not allowed' in posibolt app?
      22. Need to set credit status to 'Credit Ok' & need to give some amount as credit limit.

      23. Why is it Showing error message 'Customer credit status stopped' on doing sales from App?
      24. It shows that the credit limit of the customer is reached, So I need to increase the credit limit for the customer on the server, then I need to download the manager in app and sync the data.

      25. How to make an invoice for the sales orders done from the app ?
      26. In stock - shipment report - select the document - then click on quick shipment.

      27. Amount in words Showing as one hundred thousand for 1 lakh in App pdf print.Is it correct?
      28. It's also correct, if you need you can take the pdf from the server order document.

      29. Why is there a Gap in the print when adding more items from app print?
      30. Issue was reported in sunmi device, adjusted printing speed and delay.

      31. How to invoice orders taken from Posibolt App?
      32. 1.Complete shipment from shipment report,can edit sales order from here

        2.After completing shipment invoice will be generated.

      33. Why is it Showing blank page while opening web access from the Posibolt app?
      34. Please give \d\ in front of the domain, in the app profile.

      35. Why is the Stock showing zero in the stock menu in the app?
      36. In the main menu click on download icon it will open download manager menu- in download manager menu - click on three dots - click on reset and download - logout and login from app - clear cache memory of the device. Check the stock.

      37. Why is it Showing error message 'Payment number already exists' while doing sales from the app?
      38. Please confirm that no entries are made with the same user from another device. For syncing the record. Do the download manager - In sales history long press the error record - click on edit button in the top -Click on check out from the cart - in the payment screen in bottom long press on the payment document - delete the payment, by clicking on the delete button in the top - then check out

      39. Why is the App customer not syncing ,showing an error that the customer does not exist ?
      40. The issue comes when the app is used by multiple users .

      41. Why is it showing “Error Too many records selected”,” Please narrow your search” in the report screen?
      42. Open client configuration > under Miscellaneous > Maximum Number of Records to be Displayed in Reports.*Change/add value in this column.

        Max record.png
        Max record.png
      43. How to make the auto round off to down?
      44. In webui- App settings - in sales settings - change the rounding mode to floor.

      45. Why is the error message 'Payment number already exists' and 'Invoice number already exist' in the app?
      46. In webui,

        1)In the web pos terminal,the sequence settings were inactive,and checked the active check box. The voucher type was 'local' changed to default.

        2)In App settings, under common settings 'Enable rolling credit' and 'Enable barcode qty confirmation' was checked, deselected the check boxes. Done 'reset and download' in app.

      47. How to get two category items as separate KOT in same printer?
      48. Add one more printer in direct Kot print settings with the same printer ip,and assign the printer to the other category, in category and printers.

      49. Two items in a category were required to print KOT in another kitchen whereby all other items of this category were required to print KOT in the previous kitchen.How to do this?
      50. Added a new category,Changed the category of these two items to the newly created category,Assigned Required Kitchen printer to these two categories in KOT printer settings.

      51. Why am I not able to open the pos machine?
      52. We can enter the sales from the cloud,Need to download print setup and kot print setup.

      53. How to install the latest APP by using APK for getting weighted barcode fix?
      54. 1.Back up the current DB

        Settings - Backup database.

        2.Un install the APP.

        3.Install the app through the latest apk.

        4.Import the database.

        Settings - Import database.

      55. How to correct KOT Print alignment and what must be done to show quantity correctly?
      56. Removed special characters in item names to resolve the issue.

      57. Why Two prints are coming while giving kot (App)
      58. Go To Settings - Direct KOT print settings -Edit the Printer details - Disable 'set as supervisor printer'.

      59. Why No products are showing in spot sales in the app?
      60. Go To Download manager - click on three dots - click on 'Reset and download'.

      61. Why is it Showing Error message 'Customer credit status not allowed' in posibolt app?
      62. Need to set credit status to 'Credit Ok' & need to give some amount as credit limit.

      63. How to block the price edit option for the salesperson in App?
      64. In webui - App settings - Select the sales person role - Sales settings - Disable 'Allow price edit'.

      65. Why Line total is not showing in the print (App)?
      66. In Default printer settings - Increase the printer speed.