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  1. How to perform back dated sale?
  2. In Role configuration, enable option “Allow Edit Date Accounting”. In the Sales Screen, you will get a text-box for entering the date. This will display the current date by default. Click on the text field to select the past date from the calendar.

  3. Showing 'invalid credit' in sale while performing credit sale in POS screen?
  4. This is because, no credit has been set for the customer. From Administration - Customer - Click on Edit. Under the Credit Details:

    1. Change the Credit Status to - Credit OK.
    2. Set the Credit Limit, for example : Rs 50,000.
    3. Choose a Payment Term from the drop down.
  5. On clicking prepare button with promotion sale,error appears. What to do?
  6. Changed the business partner group of vendor and customer as same.

  7. How to exchange goods ?
  8. We need to enable "Allow Negative Quantity in Sales" feature from Administration - Client configuration. To exchange goods from the Sales screen:

    1. Add the product to be returned in the cart.
    2. Adjust quantities with a minus sign, for example as -2.
    3. Enter the new product that the customer wants and checkout.

    If there is a discrepancy in the amount, you will be prompted to either refund the customer or take additional payment.

  9. One of my employee made some sales in wrong terminal, how to revert these sales in correct terminal?
    1. Note the invoice number,total quantity and total amount of the sale which was made in the wrong terminal.
    2. From Sales History, click on Edit order and void the sales order.
    3. Log in to the terminal in which sale need to be done.
    4. Now you can create the sales order. Do not forget to mention the date of accounting if these sales were done on a past date.
  10. I want to see the sales which is done by a particular terminal.
    1. Go to Sales menu.
    2. Select Sales History.
    3. Click on Screen Preference on the right hand side.
    4. Search for the user whom you wish to set a terminal.
    5. Select the terminal name from the drop down in search fields.
    6. Select the check -box to disable the terminal drop down box.
    7. Click on to save the search.

    When the user logs in and opens the sales history page, you can see the selected terminal displayed in the search criteria.

  11. The clients wants to see credit sale report which was early done.
  12. From the Sales History page, in the search criteria we get the Payment mode drop down, select Credit.

  13. A sale with discount on total sales, is saved. When invoking the order the discount on total amount is missing.
  14. 'Save Order' will not preserve the discount applied to the order if the discount was created as payment discount, which is decided based on client configuration 'CREATE_DISCOUNT_AS_PAYMENT'.

    So, invoke order will show discount applied earlier on total, only if either of following is true.

    Order is non-credit && client config 'CREATE_DISCOUNT_AS_PAYMENT' is false. OR Order is credit && ALLOW_TO_CREATE_WRITEOFF_PAYMENT is false.

Credit Sale Management


  1. I have done settle payment for vendor. But it is not showing the payment.
  2. The payment done is showing in the drafted payments. From Settle Purchasement, click on complete.

  3. Cannot perform purchase settlement, while completing it throws an error message- Cannot make payment, there exists outstanding GRN for chosen vendor.
  4. This error message is showing because some Goods return Orders are yet to be invoiced. You can also continue with the payment by clicking on the OK button. If you wish to create invoice, it can be done from the Goods Returned Note History page. Search for the GRN line and click on the Create Invoice link.

  5. We have perfume for testing so we want to add it in stock but as free of cost.
    1. Please create the item in Product Administration.
    2. Under the Prices tab, enter the price of the product as 0.001.
    3. Now go to Purchase Menu - Receive Goods.
    4. Add the product to the cart and click on check out.

    Now this product is added to the stock and free of cost.

Performance Analysis

  1. How to find high quantity purchased customer ?
    1. Go to Performance Analysis Menu.
    2. Select Performance Analysis Report.
    3. Select the time period from the Quick View filter for example, current week or current month.
    4. In the Group By drop down select Customer.
    5. The Sort By drop down will display values corresponding to the customers. Select Quantity.
    6. From the Order By drop down, you can choose Ascending or Descending.
    7. Click on Search. On the right hand side you can choose the form of charts you need.
  2. When a report is exported as CSV, the file opened in Excel displays all rows in one column. How to correct this?
    1. Press the Windows key.
    2. Type "intl.cpl" in the search field and press Enter.
    3. Click "Additional Settings".
    4. Under the Numbers tab:
      1. Change the Decimal Symbol to a dot.
      2. Change the Digit Grouping Symbol to a space.
      3. Change the List Separator to a comma.
    5. Under the Currency tab:
      1. Change the Decimal Symbol to a dot.
      2. Change the Digit Grouping Symbol to a space.


  1. All shipment lines do not appear in invoice when shipped to different warehouses?
  2. Change the Invoice of the Customer to Immediate from Administration -> Customer.

  3. How to get product list which comes under a group?
    1. Go to Stock menu.
    2. Select Stock Valuation report.
    3. Under the Search By drop down, set Group By as the search criteria.
    4. You will get a text field to enter the group name.
    5. Enter the name of the group.
    6. Make sure the quantity on hand condition is set as All, to list the products if there is no stock.
    7. You will get the list of all products in that group.
  4. How to check the stock transferred from office to shop?
  5. Under the Stock Menu, select Stock Transfer History. You can narrow down the search using the filters:

    1. Scroll down the From Warehouse and choose the Office warehouse name.
    2. Scroll down the To Warehouse and select the shop warehouse name.
    3. Click on the Search button.

    This will display all the transactions done from Office to shop warehouses.

  6. The owner wants to clear all stock items on hand for new stock take.
    1. Go to Stock Menu, click on Stock Take Maintenance.
    2. There you can see Stock Clear box, click on it.
    3. You will get a confirmation box, asking Continue to clear quantity on Hand.
    4. Click on OK.

    This will clear the quantity on hand for all the products.

  7. When we search product from a specific product category in stock valuation it shows quantity on hand as decimal values.
  8. The stock valuation displays quantity in the biggest UOM. To change that select the smallest UOM from the drop down. Then click on Search.


  1. Charge Invoice is showing an error "Insufficient Account Balance" when creating a charge to a vendor with payment.
  2. This error message appears as there is no balance in Cash Account. This is a new feature which restricts the payment with no balance or negative balance. Follow these steps to enable negative payment:

    1. Go to Administration.
    2. Click on Client Configuration.
    3. Select the check-box " Allow -Ve Payment".
    4. Click on Save.


  1. I also sell to customer & give them a special price, so when I am not in the shop – they can’t place their orders.
  2. With POSibolt, you can set different price structures for a customer. Create a Price list with the prices you are offering to the customer. In Administration Menu - select Customer. Select the customer for you wish to set a price-list. Click on Edit, under the Price List drop down select the price-list.

  3. Added product using SKU in barcode printing screen but in the label UPC is printed, why?
  4. In the Bar-code Printing Screen, on the right hand side, you can select the values to be added to the label. By default, UPC is selected. Select SKU. This will print the SKU in the bar-code labels.

  5. Sales rep from terminal ABC tries to login to terminal XYZ. After login the terminal still remains ABC. Why?
  6. The user must have set terminal ABC as his default terminal, so that he is directed to it on each login.

    1. Go to Administration - click on Users.
    2. Select the User and click on Edit.
    3. Under User's Details you can find the drop down Terminals. When a terminal is set, the user will be directed to that terminal after his login.
    4. To remove a terminal name, just select a blank entry in the drop down.
    5. This way the user can log into another terminals
  7. Need to edit footer message in receipt. How do I do it?
  8. The footer messages are edited from the Edit Organization Screen.

    1. Go to Administration - Organization. Search for the organization name and click on Update.
    2. Under the Receipt Footer Message, you can edit the message.
  9. I need to show limit price in sales screen, as the sales man needs to enter wholesale bill.
  10. This feature can be enabled from the role configuration of the user. Go to Administration - Roles.

    1. Search the role of the User.
    2. Highlight the user line and click on Set Role Configuration.
    3. Under the SO & PO Screen Settings
      1. Select the Price Limit check-boxes for Allow View and Edit.
    4. Click on Save.
    5. After a restart, the price limit will appear in the sales screen.

  11. The owner wants to disable edit sales option for the role manager, how to do?
  12. From the Administration menu, go to Role menu.

    1. Search for the Role - Manager.
    2. Highlight the role and click on Set role configuration icon from the right hand side panel.
    3. Under Other Settings disable the feature Allow Edit Document. Click on Save.

    This will remove the Edit Order feature in the Sales History for the role Manager.

  13. I want to give product create permission to our manager. How do I do it?
    1. Go to Administration - Role
    2. Search for the role of the manager.
    3. Click on Set Role Configuration.
    4. Under Product Screen Settings, select the check-boxes Allow Create and Allow Edit
  14. We want to include the sales after 12:00 am to previous days sale.
  15. Go to Administration - Client Configuration. Change the hour in Close day extend hour option.

  16. When try to import items we get the error message as Product at line 2 not imported. UPCType Invalid value - - Reference_ID=1000000 - N - P - W.
  17. This message is thrown because no Bar code Type has been added to the product in the CSV. Enter the Barcode Type as:

    • N - Normal Bar code
    • W - Weighed Bar code
    • P - Priced Bar code
  18. We want to know the supplier name from whom the item is purchased.
    1. Go to Administration - Product Information
    2. Search for the product.
    3. Click on Purchase Summary, this will display the supplier name and date of purchase etc..
  19. How do we set the auto generator for UPC?
  20. Posibolt helps you to track and organize your products with unique and custom codes. To do this,

    1. Log in to WebUI mode.
    2. From Menu/System Admin/General Rules/System Rules - select System Configurator.
    3. This enables you to define global parameters which are stored in the DB. This way you can control program flow without changing code.

    4. To create new configurator, click on create new icon.
    5. Enter the values as in the figure,
    6. SysConfigurator.png
    7. Select Client from the drop down.
    9. Enter Description as also same.
    10. Enter the search key as Y.
    11. Select the Entity Type as User Maintained.
    12. Select the Configuration Level as Client.
    13. Select the Active check-box.
    14. Click on Save.

    We will now add the Document Sequence from Posibolt.

    1. From main menu, navigate to Administration.
    2. Select Document Sequence Maintenance, from Setup sub menu.
    3. Click on Add New icon.
    4. You will get the form to fill the details.
    5. Enter the values as:
    6. Name Enter the name as M_Product_UPC.
      Description Enter any description for the sequence
      Organization Select any organization or choose *
      Next ID Displays the next UPC that is generated.
      Increment Enter the value to be increment for the net sequence.
      Starting No Enter the starting number of the UPC code. The number will increment from this.
      Prefix Enter any number or series which must appear before the UPC number.
      Suffix Enter a number pr series which precedes the UPC code.
      Active Select the Active check-box.

    After this is set, when a product is created, UPC will be generated by Posibolt. If we go back and check the Document Sequence Maintenance, we can see the Next ID to be generated.

System Administration

  • Posibolt is not starting with an error message, Java heap space error in silent setup.

Java application was corrupted. Did the following steps:

  1. Reinstalled Java in the same location as old one
  2. Ran silent Setup and
  3. Started posibolt.
  • Posibolt and VPN is not starting, or related files are missing in windows machine.
  1. It is happening because of the anti-virus program that was running on machine which deleted some files related to posibolt server.To fix this issue, whitelist posibolt and supportive softwares in anti-virus.


Java Applet

  • What are some general tips for troubleshooting java applet- Printer issues

Please follow these steps

  1. Try to make a test page from that printer.If test print is failed remove all print jobs from queue and try.
  2. Check Java applet is installed or Not
  3. Check the versions of Java Applet and Firefox. If it is not compatible, you need to fix it.
  4. Verify Java Applet in browser using the link:https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
  5. Edit java policy file
  6. Make sure the auto-updation of firefox was disabled.
  7. Check whether java applet is activated in firefox plugin,for that please open about:addons from your browser.
  8. Add the Posibolt site URL in Exception site list on java control panel.
  9. Reset the cache of all browser, Posibolt and java.
  • We are unable to print using the Java applet printing.

Please go through the steps provided in the following links

Java Applet In Linux
Java Applet In Windows
  • What to do when java Applet is not detecting in Firefox browser?

Please follow these steps

  1. Make sure Firefox is restarted after installation of java package.
  2. Verify Java Applet in browser using the link:https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
  3. Click on Add-ons of the browser and make sure that all java Add-on are in "Always Activate" mode or if it is not there it should be in "Ask to activate" mode.

If the browser does not detect java after the above 2 methods then check whether the browser and java are of same architecture i.e., 32-bit. If Firefox will be compatible with 32-bit java, and also make sure that OS and Firefox, java architecture is compatible too.

Note: - 64-bit OS supports both 32-bit, 64-bit java and Firefox.

  • It shows "error" instead of printer name in Administration → Preferences → "Printer name" field in Posibolt.Whats the problem ?
  1. Reload the page once or twice if necessary and if it doesn't come yet the java and Firefox version may be not compatible so you have to try another combination of java or Firefox following the document in wiki Posibolt Printer Setup
  2. If Java is not allowed in site permissions,Allow it:
    • For allow java permission, click on the icon shown in the left hand side of browser ,select the site and click on More Information.
    • Under permission, enable the option Allow for both java and java-vulnerable plugin.
  • If java applet setup is perfect,Firefox and java is compatible and when log in to Posibolt, java will throw the security alert box and printer also won't be shown in Posibolt printer preference .What do I do?
  1. Verify Java Applet in browser using the link:https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
  2. It is because you have forgotten to add the Posibolt site URL in Exception site list on java control panel.
  3. If the printer is still not detected in Posibolt after doing these setup, the reason may be java is blocked by antivirus. To white list the site, you can follow the steps in below link; https://www.hide-my-ip.com/firewall-config-mcafee.shtml
  • The printer is working perfectly long time and suddenly it is not working.Now whats wrong?
  1. We need to reset a full browser, Posibolt cache and check that it is working or not.
  2. Still it is not working, just open the java control panel ,
    • Under the category Temporary Internet Files, two buttons Settings and View will be there.
    • Click on View button will open the java cache viewer
    • Select and clear all cache in every option of Applications, Resources, and Deleted Applications etc.
    • After this issue will fix ninety percentage.
  3. Verify Java Applet in browser using the link:https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
  4. Go to Posibolt -> Preferences, and check printer is detected ;If its detected try to reprint any invoice
  • I am unable to print from the miniserver. But a re-print from the central server with the same terminal works.

Please check if the following conditions are met:

  1. Go to Administration - Preferences.
  2. Check if the Allow Printing option is enabled.
  3. If you are printing using Java Applet, make sure that Enable Java Applet option is selected. See the following pages for Java applet settings
    Java Applet In Linux
    Java Applet In Windows
  4. If the printer is connected the server, then make sure that Enable Server Print is selected.
  • After a sale, the slip print has come out incomplete. Not all sales are added to the slip print.

As the sale was long, all the products were not added to the slip print. We need to increase the default paper size to maximum.

printer properties>preferences>Layout>PaperSize 80x 3276
printer properties>Device Settings>PaperSize 80 x 3276
  • I am unable to take a print in sales screen, but reprint is working properly.

In client configuration, the slip print format was set as Jasper Report.

In the Administration - Preferences,

  1. Choose the Printer type as Normal from the drop down.
  • When I try to take a test print , an error occurs like " Test page failed to print".Whats do I do?

Follow the below solutions:

  1. Check the print queue and Remove all print jobs from queue and try
  2. Change printer usb port from printer preference & try.
  3. Reinstall the printer driver and try
  • I have an issue that any of the printers was not detected in printer preferences of posibolt after restart the system. Whats wrong?

May be “ Print Spooler” (software program responsible for managing all print jobs)service was stopped. Start the 'print spooler' service from service management.Printers will be detected

  • When open Posibolt Software , some pop up will display for remembering java. What to do?

Try to put tick for remember in future.

  • Printers was not listing in Posibolt preferences;What should i check?
  1. Check the printer was installed after starting posibolt service.
  2. If yes,clear cache from Adempiere management & check again.
  3. Check the printer type whether the printer is shared or not.
  4. If the printer is shared , it will not display in dropdown.
    • Because by default, posibolt service is running under network service account.
    • So change posibolt service account to login user.
    • After restart posibolt service , the printer will display in dropdown.
  • Getting the error message Failed to validate certificate. The application will not be executed. How to rectify?

Cause : This error has appeared when users were running older releases of Java.The issue was with the version of Java and its handling of certificates.

Solutions : We have two different possible solutions for this issue.

Solution 1:

  1. Open the Java Control Panel: Start > Control Panel > Programs > Java
  2. Go to the Advanced tab > Security > General
  3. UNCHECK the option: "Enable online certificate validation"


Solution 2 :

  1. Uninstall Java (the JRE) and install the latest release from http://java.com to resolve the issue.
  • Why does the slip print displays junk characters?

This is due to incorrect Printer Type selected from Administration → Preferences. The printer types available are:

  1. Epson Compatible
  2. Slip 9 Pin
  3. Slip Thermal
  4. Normal

Normal Printer type is used while printing with A4 sheet. That is why it is printing Junk Characters. Select the printer type which suits the slip printer.